Training and Employment of Professional Psychologists

Cover of Professional Psychology: Research and Practice (medium)

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Robert A. Brown and Mary Beth Kenkel (Guest Editors)
Vol. 31, No. 3, June 2000
Item #: 2153103
Format: Hard copy

Articles in this issue

Supply and Demand for Psychologists in the United States

Rightsizing the Workforce of Psychologist in Health Care: Trends From Licensing Boards, Training Programs, and Managed Care
Pages 245–263
Robiner, William N.; Crew, Donovan P.

Psychology and the American Health Professional Community in Transition
Pages 264–265
O'Neil, Edward

"Rightsizing" the Workforce Through Training Reductions: A Good Idea?
Pages 266–271
Pion, Georgine; Kohout, Jessica; Wicherski, Marlene

Too Many Psychologists? Worrying About Robiner and Crew (2000) and Worrying With Them
Pages 272–275
Peterson, Roger L.; Rodolfa, Emil R.

Supply and Demand for Psychology Internship Placements

Does the Internship Shortage Portend Market Saturation? 1998 Placement Data Across the Four Major National Training Councils
Pages 276–280
Dixon, Kim E.; Thorn, Beverly E.

Internship Selection in 1999: Was the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers' Match a Success?
Pages 281–287
Keilin, W. Gregory

Examining the Balance of Internship Supply and Demand: 1999 Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers' Match Implications
Pages 288–294
Keilin, W. Gregory; Thorn, Beverly E.; Rodolfa, Emil R.; Constantine, Madonna G.; Kaslow, Nadine J.

The Quest for an Internship: Four Students' Perspective
Pages 295–299
Albin, Drema; Adams, Mark A.; Walker, Sarah J.; Elwood, Brent D.

Evolving Internship Experiences in Professional Psychology: Changes and Refinements

Beyond the Mental Health Clinic: New Settings and Activities for Clinical Psychology Internships
Pages 300–304
Humphreys, Keith

Preparing Psychologists for Managed Care Settings: Enhancing Internship Training Programs
Pages 305–309
Spruill, Jean; Pruitt, Sheri D.

Reenvisioning Internship Training in Clinical and Counseling Psychology: Developments in the Department of Veterans Affairs System
Pages 310–314
Zeiss, Antonette M.

Mental Health Consultation and Psychology Internship Training
Pages 315–320
Pinkerton, Rolffs; Temple, Richard D.

Preinternship Preparation in Psychological Testing and Psychotherapy: What Internship Directors Say They Expect
Pages 321–326
Stedman, James M.; Hatch, John P.; Schoenfeld, Lawrence S.

Dissertation While on Internship: Obstacles and Predictors of Progress
Pages 327–331
Krieshok, Thomas S.; Lopez, Shane J.; Somberg, Daniel R.; Cantrell, Peggy J.

Social Dual-Role Relationships During Internship: A Decision-Making Model
Pages 332–338
Burian, Barbara K.; Slimp, Ann O'Connor

The "Silent Discussion" of Master's-Level Training in Psychology

The Silent Conversation: Talking About the Master's Degree
Pages 339–345
Hays-Thomas, Rosemary Lowe

The Evolving Profession of Psychology: Comment on Lowe Hays-Thomas's (2000) "The Silent Conversation."
Pages 346–348
Levant, Ronald F.; Moldawsky, Stanley; Stigall, Tommy T.

The Forum: Half-Time Doctoral Psychology Internship Programs in University Counseling Centers: Advantages and Disadvantages
Pages 349–350
Cornish, Jennifer A. Erickson; Roehlke, Helen J.; Boggs, Kathleen R.

Self-Care Corner: Holding the Holding Environment Together: Self-Psychology and Psychotherapist Care
Pages 351–352
Guy, James D.

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