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Psychological Services for Veterans and Military Service Members and Their Families

Vol. 42, No. 1, February 2011
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Articles in this issue

An Evidence-Informed Guide for Working With Military Women and Veterans
Pages 1–7
Ghahramanlou-Holloway, Marjan; Cox, Daniel W.; Fritz, Elisabeth C.; George, Brianne J.

A Clinician's Guide to PTSD Treatments for Returning Veterans
Pages 8–15
Sharpless, Brian A.; Barber, Jacques P.

Circumventing Mental Health Stigma by Embracing the Warrior Culture: Lessons Learned From the Defender's Edge Program
Pages 16–23
Bryan, Craig J.; Morrow, Chad E.

Mindfulness in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Military Veterans
Pages 24–31
Vujanovic, Anka A.; Niles, Barbara; Pietrefesa, Ashley; Schmertz, Stefan K.; Potter, Carrie M.

Life Guard: Evaluation of an ACT-Based Workshop to Facilitate Reintegration of OIF/OEF Veterans
Pages 32–39
Blevins, Dean; Roca, J. Vince; Spencer, Trey

Significant Other Enhanced Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy for PTSD and Alcohol Misuse in OEF/OIF Veterans
Pages 40–46
McDevitt-Murphy, Meghan E.

Family and Couples Treatment for Newly Returning Veterans
Pages 47–55
Makin-Byrd, Kerry; Gifford, Elizabeth; McCutcheon, Susan; Glynn, Shirley

Helping Military Families Through the Deployment Process: Strategies to Support Parenting
Pages 56–62
Gewirtz, Abigail H.; Erbes, Christopher R.; Polusny, Melissa A.; Forgatch, Marion S.; Degarmo, David S.

The Development of a Couple-Based Treatment for PTSD in Returning Veterans
Pages 63–69
Sautter, Frederic J.; Armelie, Aaron P.; Glynn, Shirley M.; Wielt, Dustin B.

Multifamily Group Treatment for Veterans With Traumatic Brain Injury
Pages 70–78
Perlick, Deborah A.; Straits-Tröster, Kristy; Dyck, Dennis G.; Norell, Diane M.; Strauss, Jennifer L.; Henderson, Claire; Close, Joy; Berger, Noelle; Bonuck, Elizabeth R.; Taber, Katherine H.; Kalvin, Carla; Dolber, Trygve; Cristian, Adrian

Treating Traumatized OEF/OIF Veterans: How Does Trauma Treatment Affect the Clinician?
Pages 79–86
Voss Horrell, Sarah C.; Holohan, Dana R.; Didion, Lea M.; Vance, G. Todd

Professional Burnout in Clinical Military Psychologists: Recommendations Before, During, and After Deployment
Pages 87–93
Linnerooth, Peter J.; Mrdjenovich, Adam J.; Moore, Bret A.

Psychology in Extremis: Preventing Problems of Professional Competence in Dangerous Practice Settings
Pages 94–104
Johnson, W. Brad; Johnson, Shannon J.; Sullivan, Glenn R.; Bongar, Bruce; Miller, Laurence; Sammons, Morgan T.

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Member/Affiliate Price: $24.95

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