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Telehealth and Technology Innovations in Professional Psychology

Vol. 42, No. 6, December 2011
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Articles in this issue

Preparing for the Telehealth World: Navigating Legal, Regulatory, Reimbursement, and Ethical Issues in an Electronic Age
Pages 405–411
Baker, Deborah C.; Bufka, Lynn F.

Risk Management in the Digital World
Pages 412–418
Harris, Eric; Younggren, Jeffrey N.

Security Management in Telepsychology
Pages 419–425
Schwartz, Terrence J.; Lonborg, Susan D.

Electronic Medical Records in a Multidisciplinary Health Care Setting: A Clinical Perspective
Pages 426–432
Steinfeld, Bradley I.; Keyes, James A.

Critical Incidents in the Marriage of Psychology and Technology: A Discussion of Potential Ethical Issues in Practice, Education, and Policy
Pages 433–439
Van Allen, Jason; Roberts, Michael C.

A Snapshot of Child Psychologists' Social Media Activity: Professional and Ethical Practice Implications and Recommendations
Pages 440–447
Tunick, Rachel A.; Mednick, Lauren; Conroy, Caitlin

Technology, Telehealth, Treatment Enhancement, and Selection
Pages 448–454
Harwood, T. Mark; Pratt, Daniel; Beutler, Larry E.; Bongar, Bruce M.; Lenore, Samarea; Forrester, Bryan T.

afterdeployment.Org: A Web-Based Multimedia Wellness Resource for the Postdeployment Military Community
Pages 455–462
Bush, Nigel E.; Bosmajian, Charles P.; Fairall, Jonathan M.; McCann, Russell A.; Ciulla, Robert P.

Considerations in the Development of a Therapist-Assisted Internet Cognitive Behavior Therapy Service
Pages 463–471
Hadjistavropoulos, Heather D.; Thompson, Maureen; Ivanov, Max; Drost, Christina; Butz, Cory J.; Klein, Britt; Austin, David W.

Text Messaging as an Adjunct to CBT in Low-Income Populations: A Usability and Feasibility Pilot Study
Pages 472–478
Aguilera, Adrian; Muñoz, Ricardo F.

Internet-Based Maintenance Treatment for Patients With Eating Disorders
Pages 479–486
Gulec, Hayriye; Moessner, Markus; Mezei, Agnes; Kohls, Elisabeth; Túry, Ferenc; Bauer, Stephanie

Live Coaching of Parenting Skills Using the Internet: Implications for Clinical Practice
Pages 487–493
Wade, Shari L.; Oberjohn, Karen; Conaway, Kathryn; Osinska, Paulina; Bangert, Lauren

Internet-Based Approaches to Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment: New Opportunities for Professional Psychologists
Pages 494–504
Smith, Ronald E.; Fagan, Corey; Wilson, Nicole L.; Chen, Jessica; Corona, Marissa; Nguyen, Hong; Racz, Sarah; Shoda, Yuichi

mHealth for Mental Health: Integrating Smartphone Technology in Behavioral Healthcare
Pages 505–512
Luxton, David D.; McCann, Russell A.; Bush, Nigel E.; Mishkind, Matthew C.; Reger, Greg M.

Using Everyday Technology to Enhance Evidence-Based Treatments
Pages 513–520
Eonta, Alison M.; Christon, Lillian M.; Hourigan, Shannon E.; Ravindran, Neeraja; Vrana, Scott R.; Southam-Gerow, Michael A.

Community Capacity and Teleconference Counseling in Rural Texas
Pages 521–527
McCord, Carly E.; Elliott, Timothy R.; Wendel, Monica L.; Brossart, Daniel F.; Cano, Miguel A.; Gonzalez, Gerardo E.; Burdine, James N.

Reaching Rural Caregivers With a Multicomponent Telehealth Intervention: The Telehelp Line for Caregivers
Pages 528–534
Clancy Dollinger, Stephanie; Chwalisz, Kathleen

Implementing Psychological Services Over Televideo
Pages 535–542
Nelson, Eve-Lynn; Velasquez, Sarah E.

Benefits and Challenges of Conducting Psychotherapy by Telephone
Pages 543–549
Brenes, Gretchen A.; Ingram, Cobi W.; Danhauer, Suzanne C.

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