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Multicultural Practice in Professional Psychology

Vol. 43, No. 3, June 2012
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Articles in this issue

Individual and Systemic Factors in Clinicians' Self-Perceived Cultural Competence
Pages 165–174
Tummala–Narra, Pratyusha; Singer, Rachel; Li, Zhushan; Esposito, Jessica; Ash, Sarah E.

Culture at the Center: A Reformulation of Diagnostic Assessment
Pages 175–182
Dadlani, Mamta Banu; Overtree, Christopher; Perry-Jenkins, Maureen

Addressing Cultural Impasses With Rupture Resolution Strategies: A Proposal and Recommendations
Pages 183–189
Gaztambide, Daniel J.

A Qualitative Inquiry Into Racism, Trauma, and Coping: Implications for Supporting Victims of Racism
Pages 190–198
Lowe, Susana Ming; Okubo, Yuki; Reilly, Michael F.

Co-Occurring Presenting Problems in African American College Clients Reporting Racial Discrimination Distress
Pages 199–207
Chao, Ruth Chu-Lien; Mallinckrodt, Brent; Wei, Meifen

Increasing the Engagement of Latinos in Services Through Community-Derived Programs: The Right Question Project–Mental Health
Pages 208–216
Polo, Antonio J.; Alegría, Margarita; Sirkin, Jenna T.

Improving Access and Reducing Barriers to Depression Treatment for Latino Elders: Un Nuevo Amanecer (A New Dawn)
Pages 217–226
Chavez-Korell, Shannon; Rendón, Angélica Delgado; Beer, Jim; Rodriguez, Nancy; Garr, Andrea D.; Pine, Carmen A.; Farías, René; Larson, Lisa; Malcolm, Erin

Exploring Cultural Competence in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Outcomes
Pages 227–233
Woidneck, Michelle R.; Pratt, Kimberly M.; Gundy, Jessica M.; Nelson, Casey R.; Twohig, Michael P.

Navigating Cross-Cultural Issues in Forensic Assessment: Recommendations for Practice
Pages 234–240
Weiss, Rebecca A.; Rosenfeld, Barry

Means, Intent, Lethality, Behaviors, and Psychiatric Diagnosis in Latina Adolescent Suicide Attempters
Pages 241–248
Hausmann-Stabile, Carolina; Kuhlberg, Jill A.; Zayas, Luis H.; Nolle, Allyson P.; Cintron, Stephanie L.

Enhancing the Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders via a Model of Culturally Sensitive Childhood Assessment
Pages 249–255
El-Ghoroury, Nabil Hassan; Krackow, Elisa

Intersectionality of Identity in Children: A Case Study
Pages 256–264
Ecklund, Kathryn

Multicultural Office Design: A Case Example
Pages 265–269
Benton, James M.; Overtree, Christopher E.

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