Journal of Family Psychology

Methodology in Family Science

Vol. 19, No. 1, March 2005
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About the special issue

The special issue is intended to advance not only the conduct of family science but also the understanding and integration of an increasingly complex research literature by those engaged in education and clinical interventions.

Articles in this issue

Methodology in Family Science: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 3–5
Snyder, Douglas K.; Kazak, Anne E.

Methodologically Sound, Cost-Effective Research on the Outcome of Couple Therapy
Pages 6–17
Christensen, Andrew; Baucom, Donald H.; Vu, Christine Thuy-Anh; Stanton, Susan

Change Process Research in Couple and Family Therapy: Methodological Challenges and Opportunities
Pages 18–27
Heatherington, Laurie; Friedlander, Myrna L.; Greenberg, Leslie

Assessing the Costs, Benefits, Cost–Benefit Ratio, and Cost-Effectiveness of Marital and Family Treatments: Why We Should and How We Can
Pages 28–39
Fals-Stewart, William; Yates, Brian T.; Klostermann, Keith

Qualitative Research and Family Psychology
Pages 40–50
Gilgun, Jane F.

Narratives in and About Families: An Examination of Coding Schemes and a Guide for Family Researchers
Pages 51–61
Fiese, Barbara H.; Spagnola, Mary

Video-Recall Procedures for Examining Subjective Understanding in Observational Data
Pages 62–71
Welsh, Deborah P.; Dickson, Joseph W.

Multilevel Methods for Modeling Observed Sequences of Family Interaction
Pages 72–85
Howe, George W.; Dagne, Getachew; Brown, C. Hendricks

Using Diary Methods to Study Marital and Family Processes
Pages 86–97
Laurenceau, Jean-Philippe; Bolger, Niall

Using Multilevel Models to Analyze Couple and Family Treatment Data: Basic and Advanced Issues
Pages 98–110
Atkins, David C.

Designing, Testing, and Interpreting Interactions and Moderator Effects in Family Research
Pages 111–120
Whisman, Mark A.; McClelland, Gary H.

Cluster Analysis in Family Psychology Research
Pages 121–132
Henry, David B.; Tolan, Patrick H.; Gorman-Smith, Deborah

Analyzing Nonindependent Outcomes in Couple Therapy Using the Actor–Partner Interdependence Model
Pages 133–141
Cook, William L.; Snyder, Douglas K.

Survival Analysis in Family Research
Pages 142–156
Keiley, Margaret K.; Martin, Nina C.

Ethical Issues in Couple and Family Research
Pages 157–167
Margolin, Gayla; Chien, Deborah; Duman, Sarah E.; Fauchier, Angèle; Gordis, Elana B.; Oliver, Pamella H.; Ramos, Michelle C.; Vickerman, Katrina A.

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