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Sex Offenders: Scientific, Legal, and Public Policy Perspectives

Vol. 4, No. 1/2, March/June 1998
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About the special issue

This special issue addresses a number of questions about the law pertaining to sex offenders, bringing together leading clinical and legal commentators in the field. Some of the contributors describe the current state of knowledge about sex offenders. Others analyze the constitutionality and wisdom of new sex offender laws.

Articles in this issue

Sex Offenders and the Law
Pages 3–24
La Fond, John Q.; Winick, Bruce J.

The Rise and Fall of Homophobia and Sexual Psychopath Legislation in Postwar Society
Pages 25–49
Pratt, John

What Do We Know About Sex Offender Risk Assessment?
Pages 50–72
Hanson, R. Karl

Appraisal and Management of Risk in Sexual Aggressors: Implications for Criminal Justice Policy
Pages 73–115
Harris, Grant T.; Rice, Marnie E.; Quinsey, Vernon L.

What We Know and Do Not Know About Assessing and Treating Sex Offenders
Pages 116–137
Becker, Judith V.; Murphy, William D.

Sexual Offending: Linking Assessment, Intervention, and Decision Making
Pages 138–174
Heilbrun, Kirk; Nezu, Christine Maguth; Keeney, Michelle; Chung, Susie; Wasserman, Adam L.

Forced Administration of Sex-Drive Reducing Medications to Sex Offenders: Treatment or Punishment
Pages 175–199
Miller, Robert D.

The Other Half of the Story: Children With Sexual Behavior Problems
Pages 200–217
Pithers, William D.; Gray, Alison

The Containment Approach: An Aggressive Strategy for the Community Management of Adult Sex Offenders
Pages 218–235
English, Kim

Sex and Violence in a Forensic Population of Obsessional Harassers
Pages 236–249
Harmon, Ronnie B.; Rosner, Richard; Owens, Howard

Fear of Danger, Flight From Culpability
Pages 250–267
Morse, Stephen J.

Sex Offenders and Mental Illness: A Lesson in Federalism and the Separation of Powers
Pages 268–296
McAllister, Stephen R.

Hendricks and the Moral Terrain of Police Power Civil Commitment
Pages 297–322
Janus, Eric S.

Civil Commitment and Sexual Predators: Competence and Condemnation
Pages 323–376
Schopp, Robert F.

Understanding the Role of the Police and Parens Patriae Powers in Involuntary Civil Commitment Before and After Hendricks
Pages 377–413
Cornwell, John Kip

Rape Trauma Experts in the Courtroom
Pages 414–432
Boeschen, Laura E.; Sales, Bruce D.; Koss, Mary P.

Legal Compensation for Sexual Violence: Therapeutic Consequences and Consequences for the Judicial System
Pages 433–451
Des Rosiers, Nathalie; Feldthusen, Bruce; Hankivsky, Oleana A. R.

Managing the Monstrous: Sex Offenders and the New Penology
Pages 452–467
Simon, Jonathan

The Costs of Enacting a Sexual Predator Law
Pages 468–504
La Fond, John Q.

Sex Offender Law in the 1990s: A Therapeutic Jurisprudence Analysis
Pages 505–570
Winick, Bruce J.

List Price: $30.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $30.00

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