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Daubert's Meanings for the Admissibility of Behavioral and Social Science Evidence

Vol. 5, No. 1, March 1999
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Articles in this issue

The Impact of Daubert and Its Progeny on the Admissibility of Behavioral and Social Science Evidence
Pages 3–15
Shuman, Daniel W.; Sales, Bruce D.

Evidence of Disability After Daubert
Pages 16–40
Blanck, Peter David; Berven, Heidi M.

Science, Common Sense, and the Determination of Mental Capacity
Pages 41–58
Frolik, Lawrence

The Use and Acceptance of Social Science Evidence in Business Litigation After Daubert
Pages 59–77
Lipton, Jack P.

The Problem of "Helpfulness" in Applying Daubert to Expert Testimony: Child Custody Determinations in Family Law as an Exemplar
Pages 78–99
Krauss, Daniel A.; Sales, Bruce D.

The Admissibility of Behavioral Science Information in Criminal Trials: From Primitivism to Daubert to Voice
Pages 100–119
Slobogin, Christopher

Expert Testimony and Professional Judgment: Psychological Expertise and Commitment as a Sexual Predator After Hendricks
Pages 120–174
Schopp, Robert F.; Scalora, Mario J.; Pearce, Marc

Social Science Evidence in the Courtroom: Daubert and Beyond?
Pages 175–193
Mark, Melvin M.

A Scientist–Practitioner's Viewpoint on the Admissibility of Behavioral and Social Scientific Information
Pages 194–202
Tenopyr, Mary L.

Admissibility of Polygraph Tests: The Application of Scientific Standards Post-Daubert
Pages 203–223
Saxe, Leonard; Ben-Shakhar, Gershon

Protecting the Integrity of the Legal System: The Admissibility of Testimony From Mental Health Experts Under Daubert/Kumho Analyses
Pages 224–242
Grove, William M.; Barden, R. Christopher

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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