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Hearsay Testimony in Trials Involving Child Witnesses

Vol. 5, No. 2, June 1999
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About the special issue

The impetus for this theme issue was to provide an overview of extant empirical research and legal practice regarding the use of hearsay testimony in cases involving child witnesses. The issue contains 12 articles written by psycholegal scholars from the United States, Great Britain, and Canada.

Articles in this issue

Foreword: Hearsay Testimony in Trials Involving Child Witnesses
Pages 251–254
Ross, David F.; Warren, Amye R.; McGough, Lucy S.

Innovations for Child Witnesses: A National Survey
Pages 255–281
Goodman, Gail S.; Quas, Jodi A.; Bulkley, Josephone; Shapiro, Cheryl

Children, Hearsay, and the Courts: A Perspective From the United Kingdom
Pages 282–303
Westcott, Helen L.; Davies, Graham M.; Spencer, J. R.

Child Hearsay Statutes: At Once Over-Inclusive and Under-Inclusive
Pages 304–322
Montoya, Jean

Child Witnesses in the Canadian Criminal Courts: Recognizing Their Capacities and Needs
Pages 323–354
Bala, Nicholas

The Reliability of Hearsay Testimony: How Well Do Interviewers Recall Their Interviews With Children?
Pages 355–371
Warren, Amye R.; Woodall, Cara E.

From Child to Witness to Jury: Effects of Suggestion on the Transmission and Evaluation of Hearsay
Pages 372–387
Pathak, Maithilee K.; Thompson, William C.

Jurors' Perceptions of Hearsay in Child Sexual Abuse Cases
Pages 388–419
Myers, John E. B.; Redlich, Allison D.; Goodman, Gail S.; Prizmich, Lori P.; Imwinkelried, Edward

The Effect of Hearsay Witness Age in a Child Sexual Assault Trial
Pages 420–438
Golding, Jonathan M.; Alexander, Mary C.; Stewart, Terri L.

The Impact of Hearsay Testimony on Conviction Rates in Trials of Child Sexual Abuse: Toward Balancing the Rights of Defendants and Child Witnesses
Pages 439–455
Ross, David F.; Lindsay, R. C. L.; Marsil, Dorothy F.

Empirical Study of Hearsay Rules: Bridging the Gap Between Psychology and Law
Pages 456–472
Thompson, William C.; Pathak, Maithilee K.

On the Social Psychology of Hearsay Evidence
Pages 473–484
Dunning, David

Hearing and Believing Hearsay
Pages 485–498
McGough, Lucy S.

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