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Sexual Harassment

Vol. 5, No. 3, September 1999
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About the special issue

Each of the articles that make up the collection in this special issue furthers psychological or legal understanding of one or more of the recent developments in the theory, law, or empirical study of sexual harassment.

This theme issue is multidisciplinary in every sense of that word. Some of the authors have backgrounds in the law and work as law professors or judges, whereas other authors have backgrounds in psychology including clinical psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, and social psychology. Several have degrees in both disciplines.

Articles in this issue

Advances in Sexual Harassment Research, Theory, and Policy
Pages 507–518
Wiener, Richard L.; Gutek, Barbara A.

Pragmatic Support for the Reasonable Victim Standard in Hostile Workplace Sexual Harassment Cases
Pages 519–555
Goodman-Delahunty, Jane

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding Social Sexual Conduct at Work
Pages 556–595
Wiener, Richard L.; Hurt, Linda E.

The Utility of the Reasonable Woman Legal Standard in Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment Cases: A Multimethod, Multistudy Examination
Pages 596–629
Gutek, Barbara A.; O'Connor, Maureen Ann; Melançon, Renée; Stockdale, Margaret S.; Geer, Tracey M.; Done, Robert S.

The Sexual Harassment of Men: Evidence for a Broader Theory of Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination
Pages 630–664
Stockdale, Margaret S.; Visio, Michelle; Batra, Leena

Who Women Are, Who Women Should Be: Descriptive and Prescriptive Gender Stereotyping in Sex Discrimination
Pages 665–692
Burgess, Diana; Borgida, Eugene

Arbitration, Mediation, and Sexual Harassment
Pages 693–729
Fitzgibbon, Susan A.

Junk Logic: The Abuse Defense in Sexual Harassment Litigation
Pages 730–759
Fitzgerald, Louise F.; Buchanan, Nicole T.; Collinsworth, Linda L.; Magley, Vicki J.; Ramos, Alexandra M.

A Cross-Cultural Exploration of Factors Affecting Reactions to Sexual Harassment: Attitudes and Policies
Pages 760–785
Sigal, Janet; Jacobsen, Heidi

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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