Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Preventive Law: Transforming Legal Practice and Education

Cover of Psychology, Public Policy, and Law (medium)

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Vol. 5, No. 4, December 1999
Item #: 2190504
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About the special issue

This theme issue brings together leading legal scholars, educators, and practitioners to examine the implications of the new therapeutic jurisprudence/preventive law model.

Articles in this issue

Preface: A New Model for the Practice of Law
Pages 795–799
Winick, Bruce J.; Wexler, David B.; Dauer, Edward A.

Preventive Law Before and After Therapeutic Jurisprudence: A Foreword to the Special Theme Issue
Pages 800–810
Dauer, Edward A.

Making Law Therapeutic for Lawyers: Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Preventive Law, and the Psychology of Lawyers
Pages 811–848
Daicoff, Susan

Theralaw and the Law–Business Paradigm Debate
Pages 849–908
Stempel, Jeffrey W.

Professional Responsibility, Therapeutic Jurisprudence, and Preventive Law
Pages 909–920
Zacharias, Fred C.

Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Preventive Law, and Creative Problem Solving: An Essay on Harnessing Emotion and Human Connection
Pages 921–943
Barton, Thomas D.

And Tell Tchaikovsky the News: The Wedding of Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Preventive Lawyering
Pages 944–950
Rosen, Robert Eli

Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Preventive Law in Child Welfare Proceedings: A Family Systems Approach
Pages 951–965
Brooks, Susan L.

Collaborative Law: A New Paradigm for Divorce Lawyers
Pages 967–1000
Tesler, Pauline H.

"Collaborative Divorce": Meaningful Reform or Another Quick Fix?
Pages 1001–1017
Bryan, Penelope Eileen

The Believing Game, the Doubting Game, and Collaborative Law: A Reply to Penelope Bryan
Pages 1018–1027
Tesler, Pauline H.

Relapse Prevention Planning Principles for Criminal Law Practice
Pages 1028–1033
Wexler, David B.

Redefining the Role of the Criminal Defense Lawyer at Plea Bargaining and Sentencing: A Therapeutic Jurisprudence/Preventive Law Model
Pages 1034–1083
Winick, Bruce J.

The Intersection of Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Preventive Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Pages 1084–1102
Schneider, Andrea Kupfer

Substituting Needs for Rights in Mediation: Therapeutic or Disabling?
Pages 1103–1122
Waldman, Ellen

Beyond Core Skills and Values: Integrating Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Preventive Law Into the Law School Curriculum
Pages 1123–1146
Goldman, Pearl; Cooney, Leslie Larkin

Frasier Meets CLEA: Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Law School Clinics
Pages 1147–1172
Berkheiser, Mary

Emotional Intelligence and Legal Education
Pages 1173–1203
Silver, Marjorie A.

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