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Hastened Death

Vol. 6, No. 2, June 2000
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About the special issue

The primary goal of this special theme issue is to add to our knowledge about hastened death by considering the implementation and implications of Oregon's Death with Dignity Act.

Articles in this issue

A Continued Debate About Hastened Death
Pages 261–267
Benjamin, G. Andrew H.

Observations on the First Year of Oregon's Death With Dignity Act
Pages 268–290
Lee, Barbara Coombs; Werth Jr., James L.

So Far So Good: Observations on the First Year of Oregon's Death With Dignity Act
Pages 291–304
Batavia, Andrew I.

Misconceived Sources of Opposition to Physician-Assisted Suicide
Pages 305–313
Brock, Dan W.

Death With Dignity or Life With Health Care Rationing
Pages 314–321
Illingworth, Patricia; Bursztajn, Harold

Observations on the First Year: A Commentary
Pages 322–330
Jackson, Ann

Oregon's First Year: The Medicalization of Control
Pages 331–341
White, Margot; Callahan, Daniel

The First Year of the Oregon Death With Dignity Act: Responses to the Commentators
Pages 342–347
Lee, Barbara Combs; Werth Jr., James L.

Requests for Physician-Assisted Death: Guidelines for Assessing Mental Capacity and Impaired Judgment
Pages 348–372
Werth Jr., James L.; Benjamin, G. Andrew; Farrenkopf, Tony

Competency and Common Law: Why and How Decision-Making Capacity Criteria Should Be Drawn From the Capacity-Determination Process
Pages 373–381
Baron, Charles H.

Misguided Guidelines
Pages 382–387
Burt, Robert A.

Physicians' Decisions About Patient Capacity: The Trojan Horse of Physician-Assisted Suicide
Pages 388–401
Martyn, Susan R.; Bourguignon, Henry J.

Bureacratizing Suicide
Pages 402–407
Youngner, Stuart J.

Guidelines for Assessments: Reactions to the Commentators
Pages 408–415
Werth Jr., James L.; Farrenkopf, Tony; Benjamin, G. Andrew H.

Factors to Consider Before Participating in a Hastened Death: Issues for Medical Professionals
Pages 416–433
Jamison, Stephen

Family Matters: A Social Systems Perspective on Physician-Assisted Suicide and the Older Adult
Pages 434–451
King, Deborah A.; Kim, Scott Y. H.; Conwell, Yeates

How to Deal With Requests for Assisted Suicide: Some Experiences and Practical Guidelines From the Netherlands
Pages 452–466
Kerkhof, A. J. F. M.

Assisted Suicide, Depression, and the Right to Die
Pages 467–488
Rosenfeld, Barry

The Implementation of Oregon's Death With Dignity Act: Reassuring, But More Data Are Needed
Pages 489–502
Orentlicher, David

Therapeutic Death: A Look at Oregon's Law
Pages 503–525
Cerminara, Kathy L.; Perez, Alina

Health Professionals, Disability, and Assisted Suicide: An Examination of Relevant Empirical Evidence and Reply to Batavia (2000)
Pages 526–545
Gill, Carol J.

The Relevance of Data on Physicians and Disability on the Right to Assisted Suicide: Can Empirical Studies Resolve the Issue?
Pages 546–558
Batavia, Andrew J.

Methodological Issues in Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Research
Pages 559–574
Rosenfeld, Barry

Steps to Improve the Quality of Life for People Who Are Dying
Pages 575–581
Wyden, Ron

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