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The Other-Race Effect and Contemporary Criminal Justice: Eyewitness Identification and Jury Decision Making

Vol. 7, No. 1, March 2001
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Articles in this issue

Thirty Years of Investigating the Own-Race Bias in Memory for Faces: A Meta-Analytic Review
Pages 3–35
Meissner, Christian A.; Brigham, John C.

Recognizing Faces of Other Ethnic Groups: An Integration of Theories
Pages 36–97
Sporer, Siegfried Ludwig

Racial Categorization of Faces: The Ambiguous Race Face Effect
Pages 98–118
MacLin, Otto H.; Malpass, Roy S.

A Field Study of Own-Race Bias in South Africa and England
Pages 119–133
Wright, Daniel B.; Boyd, Catherine E.; Tredoux, Colin G.

Race, Arousal, Attention, Exposure and Delay: An Examination of Factors Moderating Face Recognition
Pages 134–152
MacLin, Otto H.; MacLin, M. Kimberly; Malpass, Roy S.

Postdictors of Eyewitness Errors: Can False Identifications Be Diagnosed in the Cross-Race Situation?
Pages 153–169
Smith, Steven M.; Lindsay, R. C. L.; Pryke, Sean; Dysart, Jennifer E.

The Cross-Race Effect: Beyond Recognition of Faces in the Laboratory
Pages 170–200
Sporer, Siegfried Ludwig

White Juror Bias: An Investigation of Prejudice Against Black Defendants in the American Courtroom
Pages 201–229
Sommers, Samuel R.; Ellsworth, Phoebe C.

The Other-Race Effect in Eyewitness Identification: What Do We Do About It?
Pages 230–246
Wells, Gary L.; Olson, Elizabeth A.

Cross-Racial Identification Testimony and What Not to Do About It: A Comment on the Cross-Racial Jury Charge and Cross-Racial Expert Identification Testimony
Pages 247–252
Bartolomey, Deborah

Discounting the Error Costs: Cross-Racial False Alarms in the Culture of Contemporary Criminal Justice
Pages 253–262
Doyle, James M.

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