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Capital Punishment in the United States

Vol. 10, No. 4, December 2004
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Articles in this issue

Death is Different: An Editorial Introduction to the Theme Issue
Pages 373–378
Haney, Craig; Wiener, Richard L.

Stuck in the Dark Ages: Supreme Court Decision Making and Legal Developments
Pages 379–416
Ogloff, James R. P.; Chopra, Sonia R.

Searching for Uniformity in Adjudications of the Accused's Competence to Assist and Consult in Capital Cases
Pages 417–442
Philipsborn, John T.

Exploring the Effects of Attitudes Toward the Death Penalty on Capital Sentencing Verdicts
Pages 443–470
O'Neil, Kevin M.; Patry, Marc W.; Penrod, Steven D.

Dangerousness, Risk Assessment, and Capital Sentencing
Pages 471–491
Claussen-Schulz, Aletha M.; Pearce, Marc W.; Schopp, Robert F.

The Prejudicial Nature of Victim Impact Statements: Implications for Capital Sentencing Policy
Pages 492–515
Myers, Bryan; Greene, Edith

Guided Jury Discretion in Capital Murder Cases: The Role of Declarative and Procedural Knowledge
Pages 516–576
Wiener, Richard L.; Rogers, Melanie; Winter, Ryan; Hurt, Linda; Hackney, Amy; Kadela, Karen; Seib, Hope; Rauch, Shannon; Warren, Laura; Morasco, Ben

Capital Punishment, the Moratorium Movement, and Empirical Questions: Looking Beyond Innocence, Race, and Bad Lawyering in Death Penalty Cases
Pages 577–617
Lanier, Charles S.; Acker, James R.

The Death Penalty in the United States: A Crisis of Conscience
Pages 618–621
Wiener, Richard L.; Haney, Craig

List Price: $40.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $40.00

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