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Clinical Research in Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse

Vol. 10, No. 3, August 2002
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About the special issue

This special issue represents an effort by the journal to emphasize its interdisciplinary mission by encouraging the writing of articles on clinical research and the interchange between basic and clinical research on mental illness and the addictions.

Articles in this issue

Clinical and Translational Research: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 155–158
Nunes, Edward V.; Carroll, Kathleen M.; Bickel, Warren K.

Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology: National Institute on Drug Abuse's Clinical Research Agenda
Pages 159–161
Leshner, Alan I.

Applying Laboratory Research: Drug Anticipation and the Treatment of Drug Addiction
Pages 162–183
Siegel, Shepard; Ramos, Barbara M. C.

How Treatments for Pathological Gambling Can Be Informed by Treatments for Substance Use Disorders
Pages 184–192
Petry, Nancy M.

Neurocognitive Impairment Associated With Alcohol Use Disorders: Implications for Treatment
Pages 193–212
Bates, Marsha E.; Bowden, Stephen C.; Barry, Danielle

Clinical Uses of Naltrexone: A Review of the Evidence
Pages 213–227
Modesto-Lowe, Vania; Van Kirk, Jeffrey

A Reinforcement-Based Therapeutic Workplace for the Treatment of Drug Abuse: Three-Year Abstinence Outcomes
Pages 228–240
Silverman, Kenneth; Svikis, Dace; Wong, Conrad J.; Hampton, Jacqueline; Stitzer, Maxine L.; Bigelow, George E.

Contingent Monetary Reinforcement of Smoking Reductions, With and Without Transdermal Nicotine, in Outpatients With Schizophrenia
Pages 241–247
Tidey, Jennifer W.; O'Neill, Suzanne C.; Higgins, Stephen T.

Predicting Natural Resolution of Alcohol-Related Problems: A Prospective Behavioral Economic Analysis
Pages 248–257
Tucker, Jalie A.; Vuchinich, Rudy E.; Rippens, Paula D.

Using Latent-Variable Models to Analyze Smoking Cessation Clinical Trial Data: An Example Among the Methadone Maintained
Pages 258–267
Frosch, Dominick L.; Stein, Judith A.; Shoptaw, Steve

Multimodal Evaluation of Risperidone for Destructive Behavior: Functional Analysis, Direct Observations, Rating Scales, and Psychiatric Impressions
Pages 268–275
Valdovinos, Maria G.; Napolitano, Deborah A.; Zarcone, Jennifer R.; Hellings, Jessica A.; Williams, Dean C.; Schroeder, Stephen R.

Carbamazepine in the Treatment of Cocaine Dependence: Subtyping by Affective Disorder
Pages 276–285
Brady, Kathleen T.; Sonne, Susan C.; Malcolm, Robert J.; Randall, Carrie L.; Simpson, Kit; Dansky, Bonnie S.; Roberts, James S.; Brondino, Michael

Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of Methylphenidate in the Treatment of Adult ADHD Patients With Comorbid Cocaine Dependence
Pages 286–294
Schubiner, Howard; Downey, Karen K.; Arfken, Cynthia L.; Johanson, Chris-Ellyn; Schuster, Charles R.; Lockhart, Nancy; Edwards, Ann; Donlin, Judy; Pihlgren, Eric

Do Men Outperform Women in Smoking Cessation Trials? Maybe, But Not by Much
Pages 295–301
Killen, Joel D.; Fortmann, Stephen P.; Varady, Ann; Kraemer, Helena C.

Gender Differences Among Pathological Gamblers Seeking Treatment
Pages 302–309
Ladd, George T.; Petry, Nancy M.

Gender Differences in Psychiatric Comorbidity Among Adolescents With Substance Use Disorders
Pages 310–315
Latimer, William W.; Stone, Andrea L.; Voight, Amanda; Winters, Ken C.; August, Gerald J.

Examining Possible Gender Differences Among Cocaine-Dependent Outpatients
Pages 316–323
Wong, Conrad J.; Badger, Gary J.; Sigmon, Stacey C.; Higgins, Stephen T.

Nonproblem Drinking Outcomes in Adolescents Treated for Alcohol Use Disorders
Pages 324–331
Maisto, Stephen A.; Martin, Christopher S.; Pollock, Nancy K.; Cornelius, Jack R.; Chung, Tammy A.

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