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Maintenance of Behavior Change in Cardiorespiratory Risk Reduction

Vol. 19, No. 1 (Suppl.), January 2000
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About the special issue

The articles in this special issue grew out of a 2-day workshop entitled "Maintenance of Behavior Change in Cardiorespiratory Risk Reduction," held by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in July 1998.

The purpose of the workshop was to summarize the current state of the science related to achieving long-term behavior change across risk behaviors (smoking, diet, obesity, and physical activity) and to develop recommendations for future research in these areas.

Articles in this issue

Maintenance of Behavior Change in Cardiorespiratory Risk Reduction: Introduction to Proceedings From the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Conference
Pages 3–4
Wing, Rena R.

Long-Term Maintenance of Weight Loss: Current Status
Pages 5–16
Jeffery, Robert W.; Epstein, Leonard H.; Wilson, G. Terence; Drewnowski, Adam; Stunkard, Albert J.; Wing, Rena R.

Relapse and Maintenance Issues for Smoking Cessation
Pages 17–31
Ockene, Judith K.; Mermelstein, Robin J.; Bonollo, Debra S.; Emmons, Karen M.; Perkins, Kenneth A.; Voorhees, Carolyn C.; Hollis, Jack F.

Physical Activity Behavior Change: Issues in Adoption and Maintenance
Pages 32–41
Marcus, Bess H.; Forsyth, Leighann H.; Stone, Elaine J.; Dubbert, Patricia M.; McKenzie, Thomas L.; Dunn, Andrea L.; Blair, Steven N.

Maintenance of Dietary Behavior Change
Pages 42–56
Kumanyika, Shiriki K.; Bowen, Deborah; Rolls, Barbara J.; Van Horn, Linda; Perri, Michael G.; Czajkowski, Susan M.; Schron, Eleanor

A Learning Theory Perspective on Lapse, Relapse, and the Maintenance of Behavior Change
Pages 57–63
Bouton, Mark E.

Toward a Theory-Based Analysis of Behavioral Maintenance
Pages 64–69
Rothman, Alexander J.

Maintenance of Behavior Change in Cadiorespiratory Risk Reduction: A Clinical Perspective From the Ornish Program for Reversing Coronary Heart Disease
Pages 70–75
Billings, James H.

Promoting the Maintenance of Health Behavior Change: Recommendations for the Next Generation of Research and Practice
Pages 76–83
Orleans, C. Tracy

Cross-Cutting Themes in Maintenance of Behavior Change
Pages 84–88
Wing, Rena R.

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