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Basic and Applied Decision Making in Cancer Control

Vol. 24, No. 4(Suppl.), July 2005
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Articles in this issue

Basic and Applied Decision Making in Cancer Control
Pages S3–S8
Nelson, Wendy; Stefanek, Michael; Peters, Ellen; McCaul, Kevin D.

Decision Research Strategies
Pages S9–S16
Fischhoff, Baruch

Linking Decision-Making Research and Cancer Prevention and Control: Important Themes
Pages S106–S110
McCaul, Kevin D.; Peters, Ellen; Nelson, Wendy; Stefanek, Michael

A Communication Model of Shared Decision Making: Accounting for Cancer Treatment Decisions
Pages S99–S105
Siminoff, Laura A.; Step, Mary M.

A Contextual Approach to Treatment Decision Making Among Breast Cancer Survivors
Pages S93–S98
Revenson, Tracey A.; Pranikoff, Julie R.

Patients' Values and Clinical Substituted Judgments: The Case of Localized Prostate Cancer
Pages S85–S92
Elstein, Arthur S.; Chapman, Gretchen B.; Knight, Sara J.

Decision Making and Decision Support for Hereditary Breast-Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility
Pages S78–S84
Schwartz, Marc D.; Peshkin, Beth N.; Tercyak, Kenneth P.; Taylor, Kathryn L.; Valdimarsdottir, Heiddis

Decision Counseling in Cancer Prevention and Control
Pages S71–S77
Myers, Ronald E.

Advance Directives and Cancer Decision Making Near the End of Life
Pages S63–S70
Ditto, Peter H.; Hawkins, Nikki A.

Misimagining the Unimaginable: The Disability Paradox and Health Care Decision Making
Pages S57–S62
Ubel, Peter A.; Loewenstein, George; Schwarz, Norbert; Smith, Dylan

Hot–Cold Empathy Gaps and Medical Decision Making
Pages S49–S56
Loewenstein, George

Short-Term Cost for Long-Term Benefit: Time Preference and Cancer Control
Pages S41–S48
Chapman, Gretchen B.

Affect, Risk, and Decision Making
Pages S35–S40
Slovic, Paul; Peters, Ellen; Finucane, Melissa L.; MacGregor, Donald G.

Regret in Cancer-Related Decisions
Pages S29–S34
Connolly, Terry; Reb, Jochen

Decision Making as Coping
Pages S23–S28
Luce, Mary Frances

Making Better Decisions: From Measuring to Constructing Preferences
Pages S17–S22
Johnson, Eric J.; Steffel, Mary; Goldstein, Daniel G.

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Member/Affiliate Price: $24.95

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