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Tobacco and Health Psychology

Vol. 27, No. 3 (Suppl.), May 2008
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Articles in this issue

Psychosocial Processes Underlying Smoking: Still More to Learn
Pages S185–S186
Croyle, Robert T.; Backinger, Cathy L.

Modern Science and Tobacco Research
Pages S187–S188
Tiffany, Stephen T.

Using Basic Laboratory Research to Understand Scheduled Smoking: A Field Investigation of the Effects of Manipulating Controllability on Subjective Responses to Smoking
Pages S189–S196
Catley, Delwyn; Grobe, James E.

The Impact of Expectations and Satisfaction on the Initiation and Maintenance of Smoking Cessation: An Experimental Test
Pages S197–S206
Hertel, Andrew W.; Finch, Emily A.; Kelly, Kristina M.; King, Christie; Lando, Harry; Linde, Jennifer A.; Jeffery, Robert W.; Rothman, Alexander J.

Depressive Symptoms and Cigarette Smoking in Twins From the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health
Pages S207–S215
McCaffery, Jeanne M.; Papandonatos, George D.; Stanton, Cassandra; Lloyd-Richardson, Elizabeth E.; Niaura, Raymond

Functional Beliefs About Smoking and Quitting Activity Among Adult Smokers in Four Countries: Findings From the International Tobacco Control Four-Country Survey
Pages S216–S223
Yong, Hua-Hie; Borland, Ron

Attitude and Norm Accessibility Affect Processing of Anti-Smoking Messages
Pages S224–S232
Rhodes, Nancy; Roskos-Ewoldsen, David R.; Edison, Aimee; Bradford, Mary Beth

Patterns and Predictors of Change in a Smoking Intervention Study: Latent Growth Analysis of a Multivariate Outcome Model
Pages S233–S242
Schumann, Anja; Stein, Judith A.; Ullman, Jodie B.; John, Ulrich; Rumpf, Hans-Jürgen; Meyer, Christian

Effects of a Body Image Challenge on Smoking Motivation Among College Females
Pages S243–S251
Lopez, Elena N.; Drobes, David J.; Thompson, J. Kevin; Brandon, Thomas H.

Demographic and Psychosocial Factors Associated With Increased Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Smokers in Public Housing Enrolled in a Randomized Trial
Pages S252–S259
Nollen, Nicole; Befort, Christie; Pulvers, Kim; James, Aimee S.; Kaur, Harsohena; Mayo, Matthew S.; Hou, Qingjang; Ahluwalia, Jasjit S.

Getting There and Hanging on: The Effect of Regulatory Focus on Performance in Smoking and Weight Loss Interventions
Pages S260–S270
Fuglestad, Paul T.; Rothman, Alexander J.; Jeffery, Robert W.

Treating Tobacco Dependence Among African Americans: A Meta-Analytic Review
Pages S271–S282
Webb, Monica S.

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