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Mediation and Moderation

Vol. 27, No. 2 (Supplement), March 2008
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Articles in this issue

How and for Whom? Mediation and Moderation in Health Psychology
Pages S99–S100
MacKinnon, David P.; Luecken, Linda J.

How and Why Criteria Defining Moderators and Mediators Differ Between the Baron & Kenny and MacArthur Approaches
Pages S101–S108
Chmura Kraemer, Helena; Kiernan, Michaela; Essex, Marilyn; Kupfer, David J.

What Mediates the Relationship Between Family Meals and Adolescent Health Issues
Pages S109–S117
Franko, Debra L.; Thompson, Douglas; Affenito, Sandra G.; Barton, Bruce A.; Striegel-Moore, Ruth H.

Social-Ecological Resources as Mediators of Two-Year Diet and Physical Activity Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes Patients
Pages S118–S125
Barrera Jr., Manuel; Strycker, Lisa A.; MacKinnon, David P.; Toobert, Deborah J.

Recreational Facilities and Leisure-Time Physical Activity: An Analysis of Moderators and Self-Efficacy as a Mediator
Pages S126–S135
Cerin, Ester; Vandelanotte, Corneel; Leslie, Eva; Merom, Dafna

Patient Functioning and Catastrophizing in Chronic Pain: The Mediating Effects of Acceptance
Pages S136–S143
Vowles, Kevin E.; McCracken, Lance M.; Eccleston, Christopher

Adult Attachment and Psychological Well-Being in Cancer Caregivers: The Mediational Role of Spouses' Motives for Caregiving
Pages S144–S154
Kim, Youngmee; Carver, Charles S.; Deci, Edward L.; Kasser, Tim

Hostility Moderates the Effects of Social Support and Intimacy on Blood Pressure in Daily Social Interactions
Pages S155–S162
Vella, Elizabeth J.; Kamarck, Thomas W.; Shiffman, Saul

Coping and Positive Affect Predict Longitudinal Change in Glycosylated Hemoglobin
Pages S163–S171
Tsenkova, Vera K.; Dienberg Love, Gayle; Singer, Burton H.; Ryff, Carol D.

The Moderating Effect of Personal Mastery and the Relations Between Stress and Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) Antigen
Pages S172–S179
Mausbach, Brent T.; Von Känel, Roland; Patterson, Thomas L.; Dimsdale, Joel E.; Depp, Colin A.; Aschbacher, Kirstin; Mills, Paul J.; Ancoli-Israel, Sonia; Grant, Igor

Mediation Analysis of an Effective Sexual Risk-Reduction Intervention for Women: The Importance of Self-Efficacy
Pages S180–S184
O'Leary, Ann; Jemmott, Loretta Sweet; Jemmott III, John B.

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