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Theoretical Innovations in Social and Personality Psychology and Implications for Health

Vol. 32, No. 5, May 2013
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About the special issue

This special highlights major areas of innovation in recent social/personality psychology that hold promise for synergistic integration with health psychology and related fields in the pursuit of adequate health promotion, health care, and population health. The desired outcome is to excite interest and new ways of thinking that, in turn, spawn programs of research poised to advance both theory and practice.

Each of the articles reinforces a culture of science in which psychologists of all stripes (social, personality, health, clinical, and others) can work collaboratively to develop stronger models and testable hypotheses with clear applications to enduring health problems.

Articles in this issue


Theoretical Innovations in Social and Personality Psychology and Implications for Health: Introduction to Special Issue
Pages 457–459
Klein, William M. P.; Rothman, Alexander J.; Cameron, Linda D.

Conceptual Articles

Nonconscious Processes and Health
Pages 460–473
Sheeran, Paschal; Gollwitzer, Peter M.; Bargh, John A.

Affective Science and Health: The Importance of Emotion and Emotion Regulation
Pages 474–486
DeSteno, David; Gross, James J.; Kubzansky, Laura

Self-Regulation of Health Behavior: Social Psychological Approaches to Goal Setting and Goal Striving
Pages 487–498
Mann, Traci; de Ridder, Denise; Fujita, Kentaro

Close Relationship Processes and Health: Implications of Attachment Theory for Health and Disease
Pages 499–513
Pietromonaco, Paula R.; Uchino, Bert; Dunkel Schetter, Christine

Intergroup Relations and Health Disparities: A Social Psychological Perspective
Pages 514–524
Major, Brenda; Mendes, Wendy Berry; Dovidio, John F.

Empirical Articles

The Interactive Effect of Mortality Reminders and Tobacco Craving on Smoking Topography
Pages 525–532
Arndt, Jamie; Vail III, Kenneth E.; Cox, Cathy R.; Goldenberg, Jamie L.; Piasecki, Thomas M.; Gibbons, Frederick X.

A Dual-Process Model of Early Substance Use: Tests in Two Diverse Populations of Adolescents
Pages 533–542
Wills, Thomas A.; Bantum, Erin O'Carroll; Pokhrel, Pallav; Maddock, Jay E.; Ainette, Michael G.; Morehouse, Ellen; Fenster, Bonnie

The Effects of Racial Discrimination on the HIV-Risk Cognitions and Behaviors of Black Adolescents and Young Adults
Pages 543–550
Stock, Michelle L.; Peterson, Laurel M.; Gibbons, Frederick X.; Gerrard, Meg

Correcting Injunctive Norm Misperceptions Motivates Behavior Change: A Randomized Controlled Sun Protection Intervention
Pages 551–560
Reid, Allecia E.; Aiken, Leona S.

When Risk Communication Backfires: Randomized Controlled Trial on Self-Affirmation and Reactance to Personalized Risk Feedback in High-Risk Individuals
Pages 561–570
Schüz, Natalie; Schüz, Benjamin; Eid, Michael

Automatic Risk Behavior: Direct Effects of Binge Drinker Stereotypes on Drinking Behavior
Pages 571–580
Rivis, Amanda; Sheeran, Paschal


Moving From Theory to Practice and Back in Social and Health Psychology
Pages 581–585
Michie, Susan; West, Robert; Spring, Bonnie

Some Methodological Considerations in Theory-Based Health Behavior Research
Pages 586–591
Collins, Linda M.; MacKinnon, David P.; Reeve, Bryce B.

Applying Theory Across Settings, Behaviors, and Populations: Translational Challenges and Opportunities
Pages 592–596
Mermelstein, Robin J.; Revenson, Tracey A.

Three Strategies for Bridging Different Levels of Analysis and Embracing the Biopsychosocial Model
Pages 597–601
Suls, Jerry; Krantz, David S.; Williams, Geoffrey C.

Advancing Innovations in Social/Personality Psychology and Health: Opportunities and Challenges
Pages 602–608
Rothman, Alexander J.; Klein, William M. P.; Cameron, Linda D.

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