Cognitive Factors in Health Care

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Vol. 17, No. 3, September 2011
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About the special issue

The papers in this special issue all describe studies that are both theoretically guided and address critical problems of broad significance for health care. Consistent with the aims of this journal, each study is a theoretically guided investigation of an applied problem. By managing the tension between theory and application, the studies identify the important problems of patient safety as well as the contextual and practitioner factors that contribute to these problems, and help develop solutions that address them. Collectively the studies address a wide range of important patient safety problems such as provider error in inpatient settings related to diagnosis, medication administration, and surgery, as well as patient-related problems in outpatient settings, such as comprehension and decision-making related to illness prevention and self-care.

Articles in this issue

Health Care Research That Delivers: Introduction to the Special Issue on Cognitive Factors in Health Care
Pages 191–194
Morrow, Daniel G.; Durso, Francis T.

Teaching Posttraining: Influencing Diagnostic Strategy With Instructions at Test
Pages 195–209
Kulatunga-Moruzi, Chan; Brooks, Lee R.; Norman, Geoffrey R.

Effects of Camera Arrangement on Perceptual-Motor Performance in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Pages 210–232
DeLucia, Patricia R.; Griswold, John A.

Differences in Attentional Strategies by Novice and Experienced Operating Theatre Scrub Nurses
Pages 233–246
Koh, Ranieri Y. I.; Park, Taezoon; Wickens, Christopher D.; Ong, Lay Teng; Chia, Soon Noi

Nurses' Behaviors and Visual Scanning Patterns May Reduce Patient Identification Errors
Pages 247–256
Marquard, Jenna L.; Henneman, Philip L.; He, Ze; Jo, Junghee; Fisher, Donald L.; Henneman, Elizabeth A.

Interactions of Team Mental Models and Monitoring Behaviors Predict Team Performance in Simulated Anesthesia Inductions
Pages 257–269
Burtscher, Michael J.; Kolbe, Michaela; Wacker, Johannes; Manser, Tanja

Effective Communication of Risks to Young Adults: Using Message Framing and Visual Aids to Increase Condom Use and STD Screening
Pages 270–287
Garcia-Retamero, Rocio; Cokely, Edward T.

Accurate Monitoring Leads to Effective Control and Greater Learning of Patient Education Materials
Pages 288–302
Rawson, Katherine A.; O'Neil, Rochelle; Dunlosky, John

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