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Organizational Psychology

Vol. 45, No. 2, February 1990
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About the special issue

This special issue was designed to document and highlight some of the recent theoretical developments and significant practical applications made by psychologists and others in organizational settings and present avenues of opportunity for future contributions based on our understanding of trends affecting organizational environments today and in the future.

Articles in this issue

Organizations of the Future: Changes and Challenges
Pages 95–108
Offermann, Lynn R.; Gowing, Marilyn K.

Organizational Culture
Pages 109–119
Schein, Edgar H.

Work Teams: Applications and Effectiveness
Pages 120–133
Sundstrom, Eric; De Meuse, Kenneth P.; Futrell, David

Training System Issues in the Year 2000
Pages 134–143
Goldstein, Irwin L.; Gilliam, Patrice

Work Motivation: Theory and Practice
Pages 144–153
Katzell, Raymond A.; Thompson, Donna E.

Developing the Competitive Organization: Interventions and Strategies
Pages 154–161
Beer, Michael; Walton, Elise

Designing Systems for Resolving Disputes in Organizations
Pages 162–170
Brett, Jeanne M.; Goldberg, Stephen B.; Ury, William L.

The Challenge of New Workplace Technology for Psychology
Pages 171–178
Turnage, Janet J.

Power and Leadership in Organizations: Relationships in Transition
Pages 179–189
Hollander, Edwin P.; Offermann, Lynn R.

Developing Managerial Talent Through Simulation
Pages 190–199
Thornton, George C.; Cleveland, Jeanette N.

Women and Minorities in Management
Pages 200–208
Morrison, Ann M.; Von Glinow, Mary A.

Pages 209–222
Hisrich, Robert D.

Human Resource Planning: Challenges for Industrial/Organizational Psychologists
Pages 223–239
Jackson, Susan E.; Schuler, Randall S.

Work in the Family and Employing Organization
Pages 240–251
Zedeck, Sheldon; Mosier, Kathleen L.

Worksite Stress Management Interventions
Pages 252–261
Ivancevich, John M.; Matteson, Michael T.; Freedman, Sara M.; Phillips, James S.

Employee Fitness and Wellness Programs in the Workplace
Pages 262–272
Gebhardt, Deborah L.; Crump, Carolyn E.

Health Issues at Work: Opportunities for Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Pages 273–283
Ilgen, Daniel R.

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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