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Vol. 48, No. 2, February 1993
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About the special issue

The goals of this special issue were to highlight the knowledge base in specific areas of adolescent development, assess the intervention experience, and strengthen the role of research and professional practice in the formation of public policies.

Articles in this issue

The Opportunities of Adolescence — Research, Interventions, and Policy: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 85–87
Takanishi, Ruby

American Psychological Association Commission on Violence and Youth
Page 89
Gentry, Jacquelyn; Eron, Leonard D.

Development During Adolescence: The Impact of Stage–Environment Fit on Young Adolescents' Experiences in Schools and in Families
Pages 90–101
Eccles, Jacquelynne S.; Midgley, Carol; Wigfield, Allan; Buchanan, Christy Miller; Reuman, David; Flanagan, Constance; Mac Iver, Douglas

Adolescent (In)vulnerability
Pages 102–116
Quadrel, Marilyn J.; Fischhoff, Baruch; Davis, Wendy

Successful Adolescent Development Among Youth in High-Risk Settings
Pages 117–126
Jessor, Richard

Adolescent Mental Health: Prevention and Treatment Programs
Pages 127–141
Kazdin, Alan E.

Psychology's Role in the Public Health Response to Assaultive Violence Among Young African-American Men
Pages 142–154
Hammond, W. Rodney; Yung, Betty

Depression in Adolescence
Pages 155–168
Petersen, Anne C.; Compas, Bruce E.; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne; Stemmler, Mark; Ey, Sydney; Grant, Kathryn E.

Adolescent Suicide Prevention: Current Research and Social Policy Implications
Pages 169–182
Garland, Ann F.; Zigler, Edward

A Congressional View of Youth Suicide
Pages 183–184
Ackerman, Gary L.

Priorities for Research on Adolescent Development
Pages 185–192
Zaslow, Martha J.; Takanishi, Ruby

Adolescent Health: Reflections on a Report to the U.S. Congress
Pages 193–201
Dougherty, Denise M.

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