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Intelligence and Lifelong Learning

Vol. 52, No. 10, October 1997
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About the special issue

This special issue is devoted to the exploration of the role of intelligence in lifelong learning, encompassing both diverse topics and wide-ranging points of view. The goal of the special issue is to help readers to understand the many interfaces between intelligence and learning throughout the life span.

Articles in this issue

Introduction to the Special Issue on Intelligence and Lifelong Learning
Page 1029
Sternberg, Robert J.

The Concept of Intelligence and Its Role in Lifelong Learning and Success
Pages 1030–1037
Sternberg, Robert J.

Intelligence Testing: Status and Trends
Pages 1038–1045
Daniel, Mark H.

Intelligence, Schooling, and Society
Pages 1046–1050
Brody, Nathan

Schooling, Intelligence, and Income
Pages 1051–1058
Ceci, Stephen J.; Williams, Wendy M.

Intelligence, Training, and Employment
Pages 1059–1069
Wagner, Richard K.

Exceptionally High Intelligence and Schooling
Pages 1070–1081
Winner, Ellen

What Is So Special About Special Education?
Pages 1082–1090
Detterman, Douglas K.; Thompson, Lee Anne

Sex Differences in Intelligence: Implications for Education
Pages 1091–1102
Halpern, Diane F.

Race–Ethnicity and Measured Intelligence: Educational Implications
Pages 1103–1114
Suzuki, Lisa A.; Valencia, Richard R.

You Can't Take It With You: Why Ability Assessments Don't Cross Cultures
Pages 1115–1124
Greenfield, Patricia M.

Teaching Intelligence
Pages 1125–1133
Perkins, David N.; Grotzer, Tina A.

Intelligence and Lifelong Learning: What's New and How Can We Use It?
Pages 1134–1139
Sternberg, Robert J.

When Does a Beginning Begin?
Pages 1140–1141
Seeman, Julius

The Different Prevention Science
Page 1141
Webb, Wilse B.

Social Science and the Crafting of Legislation
Pages 1141–1142
O'Brien, Thomas P.; Cox, Philip

Public Support for Prevention
Page 1143
Perla, Michael L.

Speak No Evil?
Pages 1143–1144
Albee, George W.

Inspection Time for Inspection Time: A Reply to Deary and Stough
Pages 1144–1147
Sternberg, Robert J.

Faster Is Smarter, So Why Are We Slower? A Comparative Perspective on Intelligence and Processing Speed
Pages 1147–1148
Washburn, David A.; Rumbaugh, Duane M.

Looking Down on Human Intelligence
Pages 1148–1150
Deary, Ian J.; Stough, Con

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