Genes, Race, and Psychology in the Genome Era

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Vol. 60, No. 1, January 2005
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About the special issue

The purpose of this special issue is to begin a discussion of the topic of race and genetics within the field of psychology.

Articles in this issue

Genes, Race, and Psychology in the Genome Era: An Introduction
Pages 5–8
Anderson, Norman B.; Nickerson, Kim J.

Race and Ethnicity in the Genome Era: The Complexity of the Constructs
Pages 9–15
Bonham, Vence L.; Warshauer-Baker, Esther; Collins, Francis S.

Race as Biology Is Fiction, Racism as a Social Problem Is Real: Anthropological and Historical Perspectives on the Social Construction of Race
Pages 16–26
Smedley, Audrey; Smedley, Brian D.

The Meaning of Race in Psychology and How to Change It: A Methodological Perspective
Pages 27–36
Helms, Janet E.; Jernigan, Maryam; Mascher, Jackquelyn

In the Eye of the Storm: Race and Genomics in Research and Practice
Pages 37–45
Wang, Vivian Ota; Sue, Stanley

Intelligence, Race, and Genetics
Pages 46–59
Sternberg, Robert J.; Grigorenko, Elena L.; Kidd, Kenneth K.

Under the Skin: on the Impartial Treatment of Genetic and Environmental Hypotheses of Racial Differences
Pages 60–70
Rowe, David C.; Rodgers, Joseph (Ed)

Race and IQ: Molecular Genetics as Deus ex Machina
Pages 71–76
Cooper, Richard S.

The Use of Race Variables in Genetic Studies of Complex Traits and the Goal of Reducing Health Disparities: A Transdisciplinary Perspective
Pages 77–103
Shields, Alexandra E.; Fortun, Michael; Hammonds, Evelynn M.; King, Patricia A.; Lerman, Caryn; Rapp, Rayna; Sullivan, Patrick F.

Genes, Environment, and Race: Quantitative Genetic Approaches
Pages 104–114
Whitfield, Keith E.; McClearn, Gerald

Race and Genetics: Controversies in Biomedical, Behavioral, and Forensic Sciences
Pages 115–128
Ossorio, Pilar; Duster, Troy

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