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Charles Darwin and Psychology, 1809–2009

Vol. 64, No. 2, February–March 2009
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About the special issue

In this special issue, the authors look both back historically and around at the current scene to consider a few of the ways in which Charles Darwin has affected the field of psychology.

Articles in this issue

Charles Darwin and Psychology at the Bicentennial and Sesquicentennial: An Introduction
Pages 67–74
Dewsbury, Donald A.

Darwinian Theory, Functionalism, and the First American Psychological Revolution
Pages 75–83
Green, Christopher D.

Scientific Cousins: The Relationship Between Charles Darwin and Francis Galton
Pages 84–92
Fancher, Raymond E.

Consciousness, Social Heredity, and Development: The Evolutionary Thought of James Mark Baldwin
Pages 93–101
Wozniak, Robert H.

Darwin's Legacy to Comparative Psychology and Ethology
Pages 102–110
Burghardt, Gordon M.

Darwin on Race, Gender, and Culture
Pages 111–119
Shields, Stephanie A.; Bhatia, Sunil

Darwin and Emotion Expression
Pages 120–128
Hess, Ursula; Thibault, Pascal

Evolution, Emotions, and Emotional Disorders
Pages 129–139
Nesse, Randolph M.; Ellsworth, Phoebe C.

The Great Struggles of Life: Darwin and the Emergence of Evolutionary Psychology
Pages 140–148
Buss, David M.

Toward A More Complete Understanding of the Link Between Multicultural Experience and Creativity
Pages 156–158
Maddux, William W.; Leung, Angela Ka-Yee; Chiu, Chi-Yue; Galinsky, Adam D.

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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