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Peace Psychology

Vol. 68, No. 7, October 2013
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Articles in this issue

Misinformation, Disinformation, and Violent Conflict: From Iraq and the "War on Terror" to Future Threats to Peace
Pages 487–501
Lewandowsky, Stephan; Stritzke, Werner G. K.; Freund, Alexandra M.; Oberauer, Klaus; Krueger, Joachim I.

Contributions of Psychology to War and Peace
Pages 502–513
Christie, Daniel J.; Montiel, Cristina J.

Bringing Science to Bear — On Peace, Not War: Elaborating on Psychology's Potential to Promote Peace
Pages 514–526
Leidner, Bernhard; Tropp, Linda R.; Lickel, Brian

Intergroup Contact as a Tool For Reducing, Resolving, and Preventing Intergroup Conflict: Evidence, Limitations, and Potential
Pages 527–542
Al Ramiah, Ananthi; Hewstone, Miles

Destined to Die but Not to Wage War: How Existential Threat Can Contribute to Escalation or De-Escalation of Violent Intergroup Conflict
Pages 543–558
Jonas, Eva; Fritsche, Immo

Terrorism — A (Self) Love Story: Redirecting the Significance Quest Can End Violence
Pages 559–575
Kruglanski, Arie W.; Bélanger, Jocelyn J.; Gelfand, Michele; Gunaratna, Rohan; Hettiarachchi, Malkanthi; Reinares, Fernando; Orehek, Edward; Sasota, Jo; Sharvit, Keren

Building a Peaceful Society: Origins, Prevention, and Reconciliation After Genocide and Other Group Violence
Pages 576–589
Staub, Ervin

Contributions of Positive Psychology to Peace: Toward Global Well-Being and Resilience
Pages 590–600
Cohrs, J. Christopher; Christie, Daniel J.; White, Mathew P.; Das, Chaitali

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