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Executive Coaching

Vol. 48, No. 2, Spring 1996
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About the special issue

The purposes of this special issue are to focus on executive coaching as a specific subarea of practice in consultation, to review such literature that exists in the field, to identify current approaches and methods, and to provide an opportunity for leading practitioners to describe what they are doing and help define the core concepts and definitions of this emerging competency.

Articles in this issue

Foreword: Executive Coaching as an Emerging Competency in the Practice of Consultation
Pages 59–60
Kilburg, Richard R.

An Iterative Approach to Executive Coaching
Pages 61–66
Diedrich, Richard C.

Coaching at the Top
Pages 67–77
Kiel, Fred; Rimmer, Eric; Williams, Kathryn; Doyle, Marilyn

Executive Coaching at Work: The Art of One-on-One Change
Pages 78–86
Peterson, David B.

Coaching Executives
Pages 87–95
Tobias, Lester L.

Business-Linked Executive Development: Coaching Senior Executives
Pages 96–103
Saporito, Thomas J.

Coaching Leaders Through Culture Change
Pages 104–114
Katz, Judith H.; Miller, Frederick A.

Executive Coaching
Pages 115–123
Levinson, Harry

Executive Coaching: A Continuum of Roles
Pages 124–133
Witherspoon, Robert; White, Randall P.

Toward a Conceptual Understanding and Definition of Executive Coaching
Pages 134–144
Kilburg, Richard R.

President's Column
Page 145
Deleray, John E.

Editor's Column
Page 146
Leonard, Skipton

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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