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International Organizational Consulting: Consulting Psychology Goes Global

Vol. 64, No. 4, December 2012
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About the special issue

This special issue features five articles by highly experienced organizational consulting psychologists who have engaged in substantial professional international consultancy work. These authors focus on the importance of attending to the international contextual element to successful consultations when consulting cross-culturally and cross-nationally.

Articles in this issue

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Introduction to the Special Issue on International Organizational Consulting: Consulting Psychology Goes Global
Pages 243–249
Cooper, Stewart E.

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Consulting in International Contexts: Examining and Testing Assumptions
Pages 250–267
Leonard, H. Skipton; Freedman, Arthur M.; Hill, Cori; Ng, Choon Seng; Warrier, Jayan; Chu, Paulina

Thirty Years of Global Leadership Training: A Cross-Cultural Odyssey
Pages 268–278
White, Randall P.; Shullman, Sandra L.

Dyadic Team Development Across Cultures: A Case Study
Pages 279–294
Vandaveer, Vicki V.

Selecting and Developing Organizational Leaders in Latin America: La Cultural Importa
Pages 295–306
Margaona, Elisa

Global Consulting in a Culturally Diverse World: Ethical and Legal Implications
Pages 307–324
Finkelman, Jay; Lopez, Patricia Denise

Organizational Consulting in International Contexts: An Integrative Perspective
Pages 325–337
Fulkerson, John R.

Frontier No More: International Consulting Skills as Necessary Minimal Competencies for Consulting Psychologists
Pages 338–343
Lowman, Rodney L.

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Member/Affiliate Price: $24.95

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