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Understanding Binge Drinking

Vol. 15, No. 4, December 2001
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About the special issue

The goal in preparing this special issue was to assemble a set of articles that represent state-of-the-science conceptualizations and empirical work on the topic of binge drinking. The contents of this issue reflect research questions and methodologies that extend far beyond the survey research that popularized the term.

Articles in this issue

Understanding Binge Drinking: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 283–286
Carey, Kate B.

Binge Drinking and the American College Students: What's Five Drinks?
Pages 287–291
Wechsler, Henry; Nelson, Toben F.

Finding Common Ground for Effective Campus-Based Prevention
Pages 292–296
DeJong, William

Binge Drinking Among Female Veterans Affairs Patients: Prevalence and Associated Risks
Pages 297–305
Bradley, Katharine A.; Bush, Kristen R.; Davis, Tania M.; Dobie, Dorcas J.; Burman, Marcia L.; Rutter, Carolyn M.; Kivlahan, Daniel R.

Binge Drinking in Chinese, Korean, and White College Students: Genetic and Ethnic Group Differences
Pages 306–309
Luczak, Susan E.; Wall, Tamara L.; Shea, Shoshana H.; Byun, Susan M.; Carr, Lucinda G.

Defining Binge Drinking Quantities Through Resulting Blood Alcohol Concentrations
Pages 310–316
Lange, James E.; Voas, Robert B.

Estimated Blood Alcohol Levels Reached by "Binge" and "Nonbinge" Drinkers: A Survey of Young Adults in Montana
Pages 317–320
Perkins, H. Wesley; DeJong, William; Linkenbach, Jeff

Differential Utility of Three Indexes of Risky Drinking for Predicting Alcohol Problems in College Students
Pages 321–324
Borsari, Brian; Neal, Dan J.; Collins, Susan E.; Carey, Kate B.

Cognitive Preoccupation With Alcohol and Binge Drinking in College Students: Alcohol-Induced Priming of the Motivation to Drink
Pages 325–332
Fillmore, Mark T.

Binge Drinking Among Underage College Students: A Test of a Restraint-Based Conceptualization of Risk for Alcohol Abuse
Pages 333–340
Collins, R. Lorraine; Koutsky, James R.; Morsheimer, Elizabeth T.; MacLean, Michael G.

Progression Into and Out of Binge Drinking Among High School Students
Pages 341–349
D'Amico, Elizabeth J.; Metrik, Jane; McCarthy, Denis M.; Frissell, Kevin C.; Applebaum, Mark; Brown, Sandra A.

Clinical Relevance of Heavy Drinking During the College Years: Cross-Sectional and Prospective Perspectives
Pages 350–359
O'Neill, Susan E.; Parra, Gilbert R.; Sher, Kenneth J.

Preventing Binge Drinking During Early Adolescence: One- and Two- Year Follow-Up of a School-Based Preventive Intervention
Pages 360–365
Botvin, Gilbert J.; Griffin, Kenneth W.; Diaz, Tracy; Ifill-Williams, Michelle

Examination of the Short-Term Efficacy of a Parent Intervention to Reduce College Student Drinking Tendencies
Pages 366–372
Turrisi, Rob; Jaccard, James; Taki, Racheal; Dunnam, Heather; Grimes, Jennifer

Relative Efficacy of a Brief Motivational Intervention for College Student Drinkers
Pages 373–379
Murphy, James G.; Duchnick, Jennifer J.; Vuchinich, Rudy E.; Davison, John W.; Karg, Rhonda S.; Olson, Amanda M.; Smith, Anna F.; Coffey, Timothy T.

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