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Neuroimaging Mechanisms of Change in Psychotherapy for Addictive Behaviors

Vol. 27, No. 2, June 2013
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About the special issue

Articles in this special issue include integrative conceptual reviews and innovative empirical research on brain-based mechanisms that may underlie risk for addictive behaviors and response to psychotherapy from adolescence through adulthood.

Review articles discuss hypothesized mechanisms of change for cognitive and behavioral therapies, mindfulness-based interventions, and neuroeconomic approaches.

Empirical articles cover a range of addictive behaviors, including use of alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine, and pathological gambling and represent a variety of imaging approaches including fMRI, magneto-encephalography, real-time fMRI, and diffusion tensor imaging. Additionally, a few empirical studies directly examine brain-based mechanisms of change, whereas others examine brain-based indicators as predictors of treatment outcome.

Finally, two commentaries discuss craving as a core feature of addiction, and the importance of a developmental approach to examining mechanisms of change.

Articles in this issue

Introduction: Emerging Translational Approaches That Bridge Biology and Behavior

Neuroimaging Mechanisms of Change in Psychotherapy for Addictive Behaviors: Emerging Translational Approaches That Bridge Biology and Behavior
Pages 329–335
Feldstein Ewing, Sarah W.; Chung, Tammy

Conceptual Reviews

The Contributions of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging to Understanding Mechanisms of Behavior Change in Addiction
Pages 336–350
Morgenstern, Jon; Naqvi, Nasir H.; Debellis, Robert; Breiter, Hans C.

Retraining the Addicted Brain: A Review of Hypothesized Neurobiological Mechanisms of Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention
Pages 351–365
Witkiewitz, Katie; Lustyk, M. Kathleen B.; Bowen, Sarah

Craving to Quit: Psychological Models and Neurobiological Mechanisms of Mindfulness Training as Treatment for Addictions
Pages 366–379
Brewer, Judson A.; Elwafi, Hani M.; Davis, Jake H.

Neurobiological Considerations in Understanding Behavioral Treatments for Pathological Gambling
Pages 380–392
Potenza, Marc N.; Balodis, Iris M.; Franco, Christine A.; Bullock, Scott; Xu, Jiansong; Chung, Tammy; Grant, Jon E.

Adolescent Brain Development, Substance Use, and Psychotherapeutic Change
Pages 393–402
Wetherill, Reagan; Tapert, Susan F.

A Developmental Perspective on Neuroeconomic Mechanisms of Contingency Management
Pages 403–415
Stanger, Catherine; Budney, Alan J.; Bickel, Warren K.

Risk for and Correlates of Adolescent Substance Use

Developmental Trends and Individual Differences in Brain Systems Involved in Intertemporal Choice During Adolescence
Pages 416–430
Banich, Marie T.; De La Vega, Alejandro; Andrews-Hanna, Jessica R.; Mackiewicz Seghete, Kristen; Du, Yiping; Claus, Eric D.

White Matter Integrity, Substance Use, and Risk Taking in Adolescence
Pages 431–442
Jacobus, Joanna; Thayer, Rachel E.; Trim, Ryan S.; Bava, Sunita; Frank, Lawrence R.; Tapert, Susan F.

Abnormal Affective Decision Making Revealed in Adolescent Binge Drinkers Using a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
Pages 443–454
Xiao, Lin; Bechara, Antoine; Gong, Qiyong; Huang, Xiaoqi; Li, Xiangrui; Xue, Gui; Wong, Savio; Lu, Zhong-Lin; Palmer, Paula; Wei, Yonglan; Jia, Yong; Johnson, C. Anderson

Predictors of Treatment Outcome and Treatment Mechanisms: Adult Studies

Diffusion Tensor Imaging of White Matter Networks in Individuals With Current and Remitted Alcohol Use Disorders and Comorbid Conditions
Pages 455–465
Monnig, Mollie A.; Caprihan, Arvind; Yeo, Ronald A.; Gasparovic, Charles; Ruhl, David A.; Lysne, Per; Bogenschutz, Michael P.; Hutchison, Kent E.; Thoma, Robert J.

Neural Correlates of Self-Focused and Other-Focused Strategies for Coping With Cigarette Cue Exposure
Pages 466–476
Wilson, Stephen J.; Sayette, Michael A.; Fiez, Julie A.

Functional Brain Networks Associated With Cognitive Control, Cocaine Dependence, and Treatment Outcome
Pages 477–488
Worhunsky, Patrick D.; Stevens, Michael C.; Carroll, Kathleen M.; Rounsaville, Bruce J.; Calhoun, Vince D.; Pearlson, Godfrey D.; Potenza, Marc N.

Through a Glass Darkly: Some Insights on Change Talk Via Magnetoencephalography
Pages 489–500
Houck, Jon M.; Moyers, Theresa B.; Tesche, Claudia D.

Real-Time fMRI in the Treatment of Nicotine Dependence: A Conceptual Review and Pilot Studies
Pages 501–509
Hartwell, Karen J.; Prisciandaro, James J.; Borckardt, Jeffery; Li, Xingbao; George, Mark S.; Brady, Kathleen T.

Predictors of Treatment Outcome and Treatment Mechanisms: Adolescent Studies

Integrating Brain and Behavior: Evaluating Adolescents' Response to a Cannabis Intervention
Pages 510–525
Feldstein Ewing, Sarah W.; McEachern, Amber D.; Yezhuvath, Uma; Bryan, Angela D.; Hutchison, Kent E.; Filbey, Francesca M.

An Exploratory Pilot Study of the Relationship Between Neural Correlates of Cognitive Control and Reduction in Cigarette Use Among Treatment-Seeking Adolescent Smokers
Pages 526–532
Krishnan-Sarin, Suchitra; Balodis, Iris M.; Kober, Hedy; Worhunsky, Patrick D.; Liss, Thomas; Xu, Jiansong; Potenza, Marc N.

White Matter Integrity as a Link in the Association Between Motivation to Abstain and Treatment Outcome in Adolescent Substance Users
Pages 533–542
Chung, Tammy; Pajtek, Stefan; Clark, Duncan B.


Neuroimaging in Clinical Studies of Craving: Importance of Reward and Control Networks
Pages 543–546
Thayer, Rachel E.; Hutchison, Kent E.

Integrating Translational Neuroscience to Improve Drug Abuse Treatment for Adolescents
Pages 547–551
Boyce, Cheryl Anne; Lynne-Landsman, Sarah D.

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