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Studies of Urban Mass-Transit Operators

Vol. 3, No. 2, April 1998
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Articles in this issue

Urban Bus Driving: An International Arena for the Study of Occupational Health Psychology
Pages 99–108
Evans, Gary W.; Johansson, Gunn

Bussy Business: How Urban Bus Drivers Cope With Time Pressure, Passengers, and Traffic Safety
Pages 109–121
Meijman, Theo F.; Kompier, Michiel A. J.

Psychophysiological Stress Reactions in Female and Male Urban Bus Drivers
Pages 122–129
Aronsson, Gunnar; Rissler, Anita

Objective Stress Factors, Accidents, and Absenteeism in Transit Operators: A Theoretical Framework and Empirical Evidence
Pages 130–146
Greiner, Birgit A.; Krause, Niklas; Ragland, David R.; Fisher, June M.

Psychophysiologic Sensitization to Headlight Glare Among Professional Drivers With and Without Cardiovascular Disease
Pages 147–160
Emdad, R.; Belkic, K.; Theorell, T.; Cizinsky, S.; Savic, C.; Olsson, K.

The Human Side of the Road: Improving the Working Conditions of Urban Bus Drivers
Pages 161–171
Rydstedt, Leif W.; Johansson, Gunn; Evans, Gary W.

Studies of Health Outcomes in Transit Operators: Policy Implications of the Current Scientific Database
Pages 172–187
Ragland, David R.; Krause, Niklas; Greiner, Birgit A.; Fisher, June M.

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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