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Relationship Between Work and Family Life

Vol. 4, No. 4, October 1999
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About the special issue

This special issue reflects diverse perspectives on the links between paid work and family life that address issues of importance to the field. The empirical articles represent an array of methodological and statistical approaches, such as longitudinal designs, multimethods, and structural equation modeling. The two theoretical articles point to future research directions in the context of social and economic changes.

Articles in this issue

Pages 299–300
Quick, James Campbell

Introduction to the Special Issue: Work–Family Research in Occupational Health Psychology
Pages 301–306
Westman, Mina; Piotrkowski, Chaya S.

Fit as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Work Hours and Burnout
Pages 307–317
Barnett, Rosalind C.; Gareis, Karen C.; Brennan, Robert T.

Value Attainment: An Explanation for the Negative Effects of Work–Family Conflict on Job and Life Satisfaction
Pages 318–326
Perrewé, Pamela L.; Hochwarter, Wayne A.; Kiewitz, Christian

Work–Family Conflict, Spouse Support, and Nursing Staff Well-Being During Organizational Restructuring
Pages 327–336
Burke, Ronald J.; Greenglass, Esther R.

The Source, Nature, and Direction of Work and Family Conflict: A Longitudinal Investigation
Pages 337–346
Kelloway, E. Kevin; Gottlieb, Benjamin H.; Barham, Lisa

Parents' Job Insecurity Affects Children's Grade Performance Through the Indirect Effects of Beliefs in an Unjust World and Negative Mood
Pages 347–355
Barling, Julian; Mendelson, Morris B.

The Impact of Dependent-Care Responsibility and Gender on Work Attitudes
Pages 356–367
Buffardi, Louis C.; Smith, Jennifer L.; O'Brien, Alison S.; Erdwins, Carol J.

The Home as a Workplace: Work–Family Interaction and Psychological Well-Being in Telework
Pages 368–381
Standen, Peter; Daniels, Kevin; Lamond, David

The Work–Family Research Agenda in Changing Contexts
Pages 382–393
Lewis, Suzan; Cooper, Cary L.

Work-Related Stress — It's Time to Act
Pages 394–396
Levi, Lennart; Sauter, Steven L.; Shimomitsu, Teruichi

The Tokyo Declaration on Work-Related Stress and Health in Three Postindustrial Settings — The European Union, Japan and the United States of America
Pages 397–402
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List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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