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Video Games: Old Fears and New Directions

Vol. 14, No. 2, June 2010
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About the special issue

This special issue concerns itself mainly with refocusing the discussion of video games away from fears that may have been exaggerated in the past, to examining whether video games may be put to some good use or are just games in the end.

Articles in this issue

Page 65
Candland, Douglas K.

Introduction to the Special Issue on Video Games
Pages 66–67
Ferguson, Christopher J.

Blazing Angels or Resident Evil? Can Violent Video Games be a Force for Good?
Pages 68–81
Ferguson, Christopher J.

Vulnerability to Violent Video Games: A Review and Integration of Personality Research
Pages 82–91
Markey, Patrick M.; Markey, Charlotte N.

Video Games and Spatial Cognition
Pages 92–104
Spence, Ian; Feng, Jing

The "I's" Have It: A Framework for Serious Educational Game Design
Pages 105–112
Annetta, Leonard A.

Video Games in Health Care: Closing the Gap
Pages 113–121
Kato, Pamela M.

Videogames and Young People With Developmental Disorders
Pages 122–140
Durkin, Kevin

Video Games in Psychotherapy
Pages 141–146
Ceranoglu, T. Atilla

Let the Games Begin: Civic Playing on High-Tech Consoles
Pages 147–153
Bers, Marina Umaschi

A Motivational Model of Video Game Engagement
Pages 154–166
Przybylski, Andrew K.; Rigby, C. Scott; Ryan, Richard M.

Virtually Real: A Psychological Perspective on Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Pages 167–179
Barnett, Jane; Coulson, Mark

Children's Motivations for Video Game Play in the Context of Normal Development
Pages 180–187
Olson, Cheryl K.

List Price: $24.95
Member/Affiliate Price: $24.95

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