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Unifying Approaches to Psychology

Vol. 17, No. 2, June 2013
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Articles in this issue

Introduction to the Special Issue
Page 123
Candland, Douglas K.

Issue Editor's Foreword
Page 124
Charles, Eric P.

Unified Psychology Based on Three Laws of Information Integration
Pages 125–132
Anderson, Norman Henry

A Natural Science of Behavior
Pages 133–139
Catania, A. Charles

Psychology: The Empirical Study of Epistemology and Phenomenology
Pages 140–144
Charles, Eric P.

Radical Embodied Cognitive Science
Pages 145–150
Chemero, Anthony

The Fragmented Object: Building Disciplinary Coherence Through a Contextual Unit of Analysis
Pages 151–155
Clegg, Joshua W.

Pragmatic Case Studies as a Source of Unity in Applied Psychology
Pages 156–161
Fishman, Daniel B.; Messer, Stanley B.

An Ecological Approach to Psychology
Pages 162–167
Heft, Harry

Evolving From Methodological to Conceptual Unification
Pages 168–173
Henriques, Gregg

Psychology Unified: From Folk Psychology to Radical Enactivism
Pages 174–178
Hutto, Daniel D.

Describing, Explaining, and Optimizing Within-Individual Change Across the Life Span: A Relational Developmental Systems Perspective
Pages 179–183
Lerner, Richard M.; Agans, Jennifer P.; DeSouza, Lisette M.; Gasca, Santiago

A Developmental Evolutionary Framework for Psychology
Pages 184–189
Lickliter, Robert; Honeycutt, Hunter

Perceptual Control as a Unifying Concept in Psychology
Pages 190–195
Marken, Richard S.; Mansell, Warren

A Personality Framework for the Unification of Psychology
Pages 196–202
Mayer, John D.; Allen, Jayne L.

Enaction and Psychology
Pages 203–209
McGann, Marek; De Jaegher, Hanne; Di Paolo, Ezequiel

The Role of Developmental Psychobiology in the Unification of Psychology
Pages 210–215
Michel, George F.

Unifying Psychology Through Situational Realism
Pages 216–223
Petocz, Agnes; Mackay, Nigel

Comparative Psychology as Unified Psychology: The Case of Curiosity and Other Novelty-Related Behavior
Pages 224–229
Pisula, Wojciech; Turlejski, Krzysztof; Charles, Eric P.

Hermeneutic Realism: Toward a Truly Meaningful Psychology
Pages 230–236
Slife, Brent D.; Christensen, Thane R.

Neorealism: Unifying Cognition and Environment
Pages 237–242
Tonneau, François

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Member/Affiliate Price: $24.95

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