Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice

Group-Based Interventions for Trauma Survivors

Vol. 5, No. 4, December 2001
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About the special issue

The contents of this special issue constitute responses to a call for theoretically sound and empirically validated models that address consequences of, and responses to, traumatic events at a group level.

Articles in this issue

Group-Based Interventions for Trauma Survivors: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 243–245
Burlingame, Gary M.; Layne, Christopher M.

Introduction to Group Interventions for Trauma Survivors
Pages 246–251
Foy, David W.; Eriksson, Cynthia B.; Trice, Gary A.

Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder With Comorbid Panic Attacks: Combining Cognitive Processing Therapy With Panic Control Treatment Techniques
Pages 252–260
Falsetti, Sherry A.; Resnick, Heidi S.; Davis, Joanne; Gallagher, Natalie G.

Cognitive–Behavioral Group Therapy for Bereaved Adults and Children Following an Air Disaster
Pages 261–276
Stubenbort, Karen; Donnelly, George R.; Cohen, Judith A.

Trauma/Grief-Focused Group Psychotherapy: School-Based Postwar Intervention With Traumatized Bosnian Adolescents
Pages 277–290
Layne, Christopher M.; Pynoos, Robert S.; Saltzman, William R.; Arslanagić, Berina; Black, Mary; Savjak, Nadezda; Popović, Tatjana; Duraković, Elvira; Mušić, Mirjana; Ćampara, Nihada; Djapo, Nermin; Houston, Ryan

Trauma- and Grief-Focused Intervention for Adolescents Exposed to Community Violence: Results of a School-Based Screening and Group Treatment Protocol
Pages 291–303
Saltzman, William R.; Pynoos, Robert S.; Layne, Christopher M.; Steinberg, Alan M.; Aisenberg, Eugene

The Desire to Help and Behavior In Social Dilemmas: Exploring Responses to Catastrophes
Pages 304–314
Shepperd, James A.

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