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Emerging Issues in Geriatric Rehabilitation Psychology

Vol. 48, No. 1, February 2003
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Articles in this issue

Page 3
Caplan, Bruce (Ed)

Assessment and Management of Pain in the Older Adult
Pages 4–13
Yonan, Cynthia A.; Wegener, Stephen T.

Cognitive Screening in Geriatric Rehabilitation
Pages 14–22
Ruchinskas, Robert A.; Curyto, Kimberly J.

Assessment and Treatment of Sleep Disorders in Older Adults: A Review for Rehabilitation Psychologists
Pages 23–36
Stepanski, Edward; Rybarczyk, Bruce; Lopez, Martita; Stevens, Suzanne

Predicting Discharge and Long-Term Outcome Patterns for Frail Elders
Pages 37–43
Lichtenberg, Peter A.; MacNeill, Susan E.; Lysack, Catherine L.; Bank, Adam L.; Neufeld, Stewart W.

Treatment of Depressive Symptoms During Short-Term Rehabilitation: An Attempted Replication of the Dour Project
Pages 44–49
Sood, Johanna R.; Cisek, Edward; Zimmerman, Joan; Zaleski, Ellen H.; Fillmore, Herbert H.

Activity Limitation and Depression: Perspectives of Older African American Women and Their Close Companions
Pages 50–55
Franks, Melissa M.; Lichtenberg, Peter A.; MacNeill, Susan E.; Bank, Adam L.

Streamlining Assessments and Treatments for Geriatric Mental Health in Medical Rehabilitation
Pages 56–60
Lichtenberg, Peter A.; MacNeill, Susan E.

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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