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Research and Methodological Advances and Issues in Rehabilitation Psychology

Vol. 53, No. 3, August 2008
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About the special issue

This special issue highlights some exciting new developments in rehabilitation psychology research and provides some methodological resources to help move the profession forward by promoting the use of rigorous research designs, strategies, and techniques.

Articles in this issue

Methodological Advances and Issues in Rehabilitation Psychology: Moving Forward on the Cutting Edge
Pages 251–253
Chwalisz, Kathleen; Chan, Fong

The Place and Promise of Theory in Rehabilitation Psychology Research
Pages 254–267
Dunn, Dana S.; Elliott, Timothy R.

The Use of Randomized Clinical Trials in Rehabilitation Psychology
Pages 268–278
Tate, Denise; Kalpakjian, Claire; Kwon, Cianni

Evidentiary Pluralism as a Strategy for Research and Evidence-Based Practice in Rehabilitation Psychology
Pages 279–293
Tucker, Jalie A.; Reed, Geoffrey M.

The Role of External Validity in Evidence-Based Practice for Rehabilitation
Pages 294–302
Schutz, Larry E.; Rivers, Kenyatta O.; Ratusnik, David L.

Psychological Intervention Research With Pediatric Patients Having Neurologically Based Chronic Medical Conditions: Methodological and Conceptual Issues
Pages 303–312
DeVries, Melissa L.; Morris, Richard J.

Online Tools for Evaluating Patient Change: Statistical Foundations, Clinical Applications, Research Relevance
Pages 313–320
Bost, Richard H.; Wen, Frances K.; Basso, Michael R.; Cates, Gerald R.

Multiple Regression and Correlation Techniques: Recent Controversies and Best Practices
Pages 321–339
Hoyt, William T.; Imel, Zac E.; Chan, Fong

An Introduction to Using Structural Equation Models in Rehabilitation Psychology
Pages 340–356
Weston, Rebecca; Gore Jr., Paul A.; Chan, Fong; Catalano, Denise

Advanced Regression Methods for Single-Case Designs: Studying Propranolol in the Treatment for Agitation Associated With Traumatic Brain Injury
Pages 357–369
Brossart, Daniel F.; Meythaler, Jay M.; Parker, Richard I.; McNamara, James; Elliott, Timothy R.

Analyzing Longitudinal Data With Multilevel Models: An Example With Individuals Living With Lower Extremity Intra-Articular Fractures
Pages 370–386
Kwok, Oi-Man; Underhill, Andrea T.; Berry, Jack W.; Luo, Wen; Elliott, Timothy R.; Yoon, Myeongsun

Facilitating Rigorous Qualitative Research in Rehabilitation Psychology
Pages 387–399
Chwalisz, Kathleen; Shah, Sheetal R.; Hand, Kayla M.

Analyzing Trauma Narratives: Introducing the Narrative Form Index and Matrix
Pages 400–411
Albright, Kathie J.; Duggan, Colette H.; Epstein, Marcy J.

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