Cover of Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology (medium)

Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Racial and Ethnic Minority Individuals

Vol. 10, No. 3, August 2004
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Articles in this issue

Giving Voice to Emerging Science and Theory for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People of Color
Pages 187–199
Harper, Gary W.; Jernewall, Nadine; Zea, Maria Cecilia

Sex, Race/Ethnicity, and Romantic Attractions: Multiple Minority Status Adolescents and Mental Health
Pages 200–214
Consolacion, Theodora B.; Russell, Stephen T.; Sue, Stanley

Ethnic/Racial Differences in the Coming-Out Process of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youths: A Comparison of Sexual Identity Development Over Time
Pages 215–228
Rosario, Margaret; Schrimshaw, Eric W.; Hunter, Joyce

Rising and Surviving: A Conceptual Model of Active Coping Among Black Lesbians
Pages 229–240
Bowleg, Lisa; Craig, Melynda L.; Burkholder, Gary

Race/Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation: Intersecting Identities
Pages 241–254
Parks, Cheryl A.; Hughes, Tonda L.; Matthews, Alicia K.

Sexual Risk as an Outcome of Social Oppression: Data From a Probability Sample of Latino Gay Men in Three U.S. Cities
Pages 255–267
Díaz, Rafael M.; Ayala, George; Bein, Edward

Psychosocial Issues Among Gay- and Non-Gay-Identifying HIV-Seropositive African American and Latino MSM
Pages 268–286
Williams, John K.; Wyatt, Gail E.; Resell, Judith; Peterson, John; Asuan-O'Brien, Agnes

Culture, Trauma, and Wellness: A Comparison of Heterosexual and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Two-Spirit Native Americans
Pages 287–301
Balsam, Kimberly F.; Huang, Bu; Fieland, Karen C.; Simoni, Jane M.; Walters, Karina L.

Oppression and Resiliency in a Post-Apartheid South Africa: Unheard Voices of Black Gay Men and Lesbians
Pages 302–316
Graziano, Kevin J.

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