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The Interplay of Techniques and the Therapeutic Relationship in Psychotherapy

Vol. 42, No. 4, December 2005
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About the special issue

This special issue is based on the notion that what matters most in psychotherapeutic treatments is the interplay of techniques and the therapeutic relationship. Technical factors and relational factors are indelible elements in each and every psychotherapy encounter, and the articles in this special issue explore and seek to uncover why this is so. The articles, in addition, seek to describe the complex ways in which technique and relationship interact with one another in different treatments, at different points in treatment, and in conjunction with still other variables.

Articles in this issue

Introduction to Special Issue
Pages 419–420
Gelso, Charles J.

The Role of Relationship and Technique in Therapeutic Change
Pages 421–430
Goldfried, Marvin R.; Davila, Joanne

Therapist Techniques, Client Involvement, and the Therapeutic Relationship: Inextricably Intertwined in the Therapy Process
Pages 431–442
Hill, Clara E.

Relationship and Techniques in Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy—A Motivational Approach
Pages 443–455
Holtforth, Martin Grosse; Castonguay, Louis G.

The Therapeutic Alliance in Behavior Therapy
Pages 456–468
Lejuez, C. W.; Hopko, Derek R.; Levine, Samantha; Gholkar, Radha; Collins, Lindsay M.

Style and Its Contribution to a Patient-Specific Model of Therapeutic Technique
Pages 469–482
Geller, Jesse D.

"Better Strangers": Using the Relationship in Psychotherapy for Adult Patients With Asperger Syndrome
Pages 483–493
Ramsay, J. Russell; Brodkin, Edward S.; Cohen, Mary R.; Listerud, John; Rostain, Anthony L.; Ekman, Elizabeth

Therapist Interpretation, Patient-Therapist Interpersonal Process, and Outcome in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Avoidant Personality Disorder
Pages 494–511
Schut, Alexander J.; Castonguay, Louis G.; Flanagan, Kelly M.; Yamasaki, Alissa S.; Barber, Jacques P.; Bedics, Jamie D.; Smith, Tracey L.

Evaluating Alliance-Focused Intervention for Potential Treatment Failures: A Feasibility Study and Descriptive Analysis
Pages 512–531
Safran, Jeremy D.; Muran, J. Christopher; Samstag, Lisa Wallner; Winston, Arnold

Evaluating an Alliance-Focused Treatment for Personality Disorders
Pages 532–545
Muran, J. Christopher; Safran, Jeremy D.; Samstag, Lisa Wallner; Winston, Arnold

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