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Psychotherapy Outcome

Vol. 50, No. 1, March 2013
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About the special issue

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Psychotherapy, this special issue reprints seminal articles by Hans H. Strupp and H. J. Eysenck on psychotherapy outcome from Volume 1. These reprinted articles are followed by papers from several of today's most prominent authors in psychotherapy process and outcome research who address the progress on these issues now, 50 years later, as well as provide important suggestions for how the field can move forward in future work.

Articles in this issue

Introduction to the 50th Anniversary Special Issue on Psychotherapy Outcome: A Return to the Beginning
Pages 1–2
Hilsenroth, Mark J.

The Outcome Problem in Psychotherapy Revisited
Pages 3–11
Strupp, Hans H.

The Outcome Problem in Psychotherapy: A Reply
Pages 12–14
Eysenck, H. J.

The Outcome Problem in Psychotherapy: A Rejoinder
Page 15
Strupp, Hans H.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A 50-Year Perspective on the Outcome Problem
Pages 16–24
Wampold, Bruce E.

You Can't Step Into the Same River Twice, but You Can Stub Your Toes on the Same Rock: Psychotherapy Outcome From a 50-Year Perspective
Pages 25–32
Horvath, Adam O.

The Variables Problem and Progress in Psychotherapy Research
Pages 33–41
Stiles, William B.

Outcome in Psychotherapy: The Past and Important Advances
Pages 42–51
Lambert, Michael J.

Psychotherapy Outcome: An Issue Worth Re-Revisiting 50 Years Later
Pages 52–67
Castonguay, Louis G.

Revisiting and Reenvisioning the Outcome Problem in Psychotherapy: An Argument to Include Individualized and Qualitative Measurement
Pages 68–76
Hill, Clara E.; Chui, Harold; Baumann, Ellen

Eysenck, Strupp, and 50 Years of Psychotherapy Research: A Personal Perspective
Pages 77–87
Barlow, David H.; Boswell, James F.; Thompson-Hollands, Johanna

The Outcome of Psychotherapy: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Pages 88–97
Miller, Scott D.; Hubble, Mark A.; Chow, Daryl L.; Seidel, Jason A.

Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness: The APA Resolution
Pages 98–101
Campbell, Linda F.; Norcross, John C.; Vasquez, Melba J. T.; Kaslow, Nadine J.

Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness
Pages 102–109

Treatment as Usual (TAU) for Depression: A Comparison of Psychotherapy, Pharmacotherapy, and Combined Treatment at a Large Academic Medical Center
Pages 110–118
Blais, Mark A.; Malone, Johanna C.; Stein, Michelle B.; Slavin-Mulford, Jenelle; O'Keefe, Sheila M.; Renna, Megan; Sinclair, Samuel J.

Everyday Evidence: Outcomes of Psychotherapies in Swedish Public Health Services
Pages 119–130
Werbart, Andrzej; Levin, Lars; Andersson, Håkan; Sandell, Rolf

History of Division 29, 1993–2013: Another 20 Years of Psychotherapy
Pages 131–138
Williams, Elizabeth Nutt; Barnett, Jeffrey E.; Canter, Mathilda B.

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