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Therapeutic Relationship

Vol. 51, No. 3, September 2014
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Articles in this issue

Special Section: Relational Foundations of Psychotherapy

Toward a Common Identity for Relationally Oriented Clinicians: A Place to Hang One's Hat
Pages 327–333
Markin, Rayna D.

Working With the Process Dimension in Relational Therapies: Guidelines for Clinical Training
Pages 334–341
Teyber, Edward; Teyber, Faith McClure

An Integrative Relational Point of View
Pages 342–349
Wachtel, Paul L.

The Therapeutic Relationship in Emotion-Focused Therapy
Pages 350–357
Greenberg, Leslie

The Relationship in Motivational Interviewing
Pages 358–363
Moyers, Theresa B.

Functional Analytic Psychotherapy: A Behavioral Relational Approach to Treatment
Pages 364–371
Tsai, Mavis; Yard, Samantha; Kohlenberg, Robert J.

The Role of Mentalizing and Epistemic Trust in the Therapeutic Relationship
Pages 372–380
Fonagy, Peter; Allison, Elizabeth

Alliance Ruptures, Impasses, and Enactments: A Relational Perspective
Pages 381–387
Safran, Jeremy D.; Kraus, Jessica

The Right Brain Is Dominant in Psychotherapy
Pages 388–397
Schore, Allan N.

Comment on Special Section

Relationship Science and Practice in Psychotherapy: Closing Commentary
Pages 398–403
Norcross, John C.; Lambert, Michael J.

Special Section: Therapeutic Alliance

The Insecure Psychotherapy Base: Using Client and Therapist Attachment Styles to Understand the Early Alliance
Pages 404–412
Marmarosh, Cheri L.; Kivlighan Jr., Dennis M.; Bieri, Kathryn; LaFauci Schutt, Jean M.; Barone, Carrie; Choi, Jaehwa

Clients' and Therapists' Real Relationship and Session Quality in Brief Therapy: An Actor Partner Interdependence Analysis
Pages 413–423
Markin, Rayna D.; Kivlighan Jr., Dennis M.; Gelso, Charles J.; Hummel, Ann M.; Spiegel, Eric B.

To What Extent Is Alliance Affected by Transference? An Empirical Exploration
Pages 424–433
Zilcha-Mano, Sigal; McCarthy, Kevin S.; Dinger, Ulrike; Barber, Jacques P.

Comparing Two Methods of Identifying Alliance Rupture Events
Pages 434–442
Coutinho, Joana; Ribeiro, Eugénia; Sousa, Inês; Safran, Jeremy D.

Brief Report

Use of Technology for Note Taking and Therapeutic Alliance
Pages 443–446
Wiarda, Nicholas R.; McMinn, Mark R.; Peterson, Mary A.; Gregor, Joel A.

Evidence-Based Case Study

Treating the Untreatable: A Single Case Study of a Psychopathic Inpatient Treated With Schema Therapy
Pages 447–461
Chakhssi, Farid; Kersten, Truus; de Ruiter, Corine; Bernstein, David P.

Book Reviews

Review of Gestalt Therapy in Clinical Practice: From Psychopathology to the Aesthetics of Contact
Pages 462–463
Elliott, Robert

Review of The Therapist in Mourning: From the Faraway Nearby
Pages 464–465
Chernus, Linda A.

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