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Correctional and Criminal Justice Psychology

Vol. 10, No. 1, February 2013
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Articles in this issue

Papers From the 2nd North American Correctional Criminal Justice Psychology Conference

Potential Mediators Between Child Abuse and Both Violence and Victimization in Juvenile Offenders
Pages 1–11
Day, David M.; Hart, Trevor A.; Wanklyn, Sonya G.; McCay, Elizabeth; Macpherson, Alison; Burnier, Nathalie

Intimate Partner Violence Intervention for High-Risk Offenders
Pages 12–23
Connors, Angela D.; Mills, Jeremy F.; Gray, Andrew L.

Mental Health Needs of Federal Female Offenders
Pages 24–36
Derkzen, Dena; Booth, Laura; Taylor, Kelly; McConnell, Ashley

The Relationship Between Burnout and Coping in Adult and Young Offender Center Correctional Officers: An Exploratory Investigation
Pages 37–47
Gould, Drew D.; Watson, Shelley L.; Price, Stephanie R.; Valliant, Paul M.

Justice-Involved Veterans

Section Guest Co-Editors: Jeffrey Bates and Desi Vasquez

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Justice Programs and the Sequential Intercept Model: Case Examples in National Dissemination of Intervention for Justice-Involved Veterans
Pages 48–53
Blue-Howells, Jessica H.; Clark, Sean C.; van den Berk-Clark, Carissa; McGuire, James F.

Prevalence and Nature of Criminal Offending in a National Sample of Veterans in VA Substance Use Treatment Prior to the Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom Conflicts
Pages 54–65
Weaver, Christopher M.; Trafton, Jodie A.; Kimerling, Rachel; Timko, Christine; Moos, Rudolf

Enhancing Services Response to Crisis Incidents Involving Veterans: A Role for Law Enforcement and Mental Health Collaboration
Pages 66–72
Weaver, Christopher M.; Joseph, David; Dongon, Shara N.; Fairweather, Amy; Ruzek, Josef I.

Helping Veterans With Mental Illness Overcome Civil Legal Issues: Collaboration Between a Veterans Affairs Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center and a Nonprofit Legal Center
Pages 73–78
Wong, Catherine F.; Tsai, Jack; Klee, Anne; Udell, Howard R.; Harkness, Laurie; Middleton, Margaret

Veterans Aging in Place Behind Bars: A Structured Living Program That Works
Pages 79–86
Kopera-Frye, Karen; Harrison, Mary T.; Iribarne, Josette; Dampsey, Elizabeth; Adams, Michelle; Grabreck, Tammy; McMullen, Tara; Peak, Kenneth; McCown, William G.; Harrison, William O.

Regular Articles

The Federal Post Conviction Risk Assessment (PCRA): A Construction and Validation Study
Pages 87–96
Lowenkamp, Christopher T.; Johnson, James L.; Holsinger, Alexander M.; VanBenschoten, Scott W.; Robinson, Charles R.

An Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Acquired Capability for Suicide Scale in Male Prison Inmates
Pages 97–105
Smith, Phillip N.; Wolford-Clevenger, Caitlin; Mandracchia, Jon T.; Jahn, Danielle R.

Medication Adherence Among Female Inmates With Bipolar Disorder: Results From a Randomized Controlled Trial
Pages 106–114
Ehret, Megan J.; Shelton, Deborah; Barta, William; Trestman, Robert; Maruca, Annette; Kamath, Jayesh; Golay, Leslie

Predictors of Burnout Among Correctional Mental Health Professionals
Pages 115–122
Gallavan, Deanna B.; Newman, Jody L.

The MMPI-2 L Scale, Reporting Uncommon Virtue, and Predicting Police Performance
Pages 123–130
Weiss, Peter A.; Vivian, James E.; Weiss, William U.; Davis, Robert D.; Rostow, Cary D.

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