International Journal of Stress Management

Stress and Its Management in Occupational Settings

Vol. 10, No. 4, November 2003
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About the special issue

This special issue focuses on conceptual frameworks for research into stress management interventions as well as explores the current research in the field that might lead to action in dealing with stress.

Articles in this issue

Introduction: Occupational Stress and Its Management
Pages 275–279
Kenny, Dianna T.; Cooper, Cary L.

The Development of a Framework for a Comprehensive Approach to Stress Management Interventions at Work
Pages 280–296
Giga, Sabir I.; Cooper, Cary L.; Faragher, Brian

Stress Management Interventions in the Dutch Domiciliary Care Sector: Findings From 81 Organizations
Pages 297–325
Taris, Toon W.; Kompier, Michiel A. J.; Geurts, Sabine A. E.; Schreurs, Paul J. G.; Schaufeli, Wilmar B.; de Boer, Elpine; Sepmeijer, Kees Jan; Watterz, Cobie

Family-Responsive Interventions, Perceived Organizational and Supervisor Support, Work–Family Conflict, and Psychological Strain
Pages 326–344
O'Driscoll, Michael P.; Poelmans, Steven; Spector, Paul E.; Kalliath, Thomas; Allen, Tammy D.; Cooper, Cary L.; Sanchez, Juan I.

Are Stress Management Programs Indicators of Good Places to Work? Results of a National Survey
Pages 345–360
Nigam, Jeannie A. S.; Murphy, Lawrence R.; Swanson, Naomi G.

Health for the Hopeful: A Study of Attachment Behavior in Home Health Care Nurses
Pages 361–375
Simmons, Bret L.; Nelson, Debra L.; Quick, James Campbell

Coping Strategies Among Swedish Female and Male Managers in an International Context
Pages 376–391
Bernin, Peggy; Theorell, Töres; Cooper, Cary L.; Sparks, Kate; Spector, Paul E.; Radhakrishnan, Phani; Russinova, Vesselina

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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