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The Patient Centered Medical Home

Vol. 28, No. 4, December 2010
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About the special issue

This special issue on the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) reflects its times. At the present time, the PCMH is an aspirational model with a few pilots functioning well around the country. Representing the thinking of some of the best minds in the field, the articles in this issue have an aspirational and idealistic tone as much as a descriptive and analytic one. A year ago the balance would have been tipped more toward idealism and model building and a year from now it would, in all likelihood, tip more toward model description and analysis.

Articles in this issue

A Special Issue on the Patient-Centered Medical Home
Page 297
Blount, Alexander

Attending to the Whole Person in the Patient-Centered Medical Home: The Case for Incorporating Mental Healthcare, Substance Abuse Care, and Health Behavior Change
Pages 298–307
DeGruy, Frank Verloin; Etz, Rebecca S.

Operational and Clinical Components for Integrated-Collaborative Behavioral Healthcare in the Patient-Centered Medical Home
Pages 308–321
Hunter, Christopher L.; Goodie, Jeffrey L.

Building a Medical Home Around the Patient: What it Means for Behavior
Pages 322–333
Peek, C. J.

Creating Collaborative Learning Environments for Transforming Primary Care Practices Now
Pages 334–347
Miller, William L.; Cohen-Katz, Joanne

Comprehensiveness and Continuity of Care and the Inseparability of Mental and Behavioral Health From the Patient-Centered Medical Home
Pages 348–355
Dickinson, W. Perry; Miller, Benjamin F.

A Purveyor Team's Experience: Lessons Learned From Implementing a Behavioral Health Care Program in Primary Care Settings
Pages 356–368
Graff, Chad A.; Springer, Paul; Bitar, George W.; Gee, Robert; Arredondo, Rodolfo

Therapeutic Assessment of Families in Healthcare Settings: A Case Presentation of the Model's Application
Pages 369–386
Smith, Justin D.; Finn, Stephen E.; Swain, Nicole F.; Handler, Leonard

Collaborative Care Needs a More Active Policy Voice
Pages 387–388
Miller, Benjamin F.

Review of Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: Step-By-Step Guidance for Assessment and Intervention
Pages 389–390
Kessler, Rodger

Page 391
Soto, Adam T.

Medication Literacy
Page 392
Keefer, Jeffrey M.

Five Days
Page 393
Wyatt, Theresa

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