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Neuroaesthetics: Cognition and Neurobiology of Aesthetic Experience

Vol. 7, No. 1, February 2013
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ISBN: 978-1-4338-1517-1
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Articles in this issue

Introduction to the Special Issue: Toward an Interdisciplinary Neuroaesthetics
Pages 1–12
Nadal, Marcos; Skov, Martin

Studying Aesthetics With the Method of Production: Effects of Context and Local Symmetry
Pages 13–26
Westphal-Fitch, Gesche; Oh, Jinook; Fitch, W. Tecumseh

Next Steps in Neuroaesthetics: Which Processes and Processing Stages to Study?
Pages 27–37
Leder, Helmut

Middle Temporal Gyrus Encodes Individual Differences in Perceived Facial Attractiveness
Pages 38–47
Vartanian, Oshin; Goel, Vinod; Lam, Elaine; Fisher, Maryanne; Granic, Josipa

The Neuroaesthetics of Music
Pages 48–61
Brattico, Elvira; Pearce, Marcus

Neural Interactions That Give Rise to Musical Pleasure
Pages 62–75
Salimpoor, Valorie N.; Zatorre, Robert J.

Dance as a Subject for Empirical Aesthetics
Pages 76–88
Christensen, Julia F.; Calvo-Merino, Beatriz

Changes in Painting Styles of Two Artists With Alzheimer's Disease
Pages 89–94
van Buren, Benjamin; Bromberger, Bianca; Potts, Daniel; Miller, Bruce; Chatterjee, Anjan

Stability of Art Preference in Frontotemporal Dementia
Pages 95–99
Halpern, Andrea R.; O'Connor, Margaret G.

An Evolutionary Approach to Art and Aesthetic Experience
Pages 100–109
Zaidel, Dahlia W.; Nadal, Marcos; Flexas, Albert; Munar, Enric

List Price: $24.95
Member/Affiliate Price: $24.95

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