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The Psychology Internship Match: Changing the Paradigm to Move Beyond the Status Quo

Vol. 1, No. 4, November 2007
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Articles in this issue

The Internship Match: Understanding the Problem-Seeking Solutions
Pages 225–228
Rodolfa, Emil R.; Bell, Debora J.; Bieschke, Kathleen J.; Davis III, Claytie; Peterson, Roger L.

A Growing Bottleneck: The Internship Supply–Demand Imbalance in 2007 and Its Impact on Psychology Training
Pages 229–237
Keilin, W. Gregory; Baker, Jeff; McCutcheon, Stephen; Peranson, Elliott

Using Workforce Analysis to Answer Questions Related to the Internship Imbalance and Career Pipeline in Professional Psychology
Pages 238–248
Rozensky, Ronald H.; Grus, Catherine L.; Belar, Cynthia D.; Nelson, Paul D.; Kohout, Jessica L.

The Internship Supply and Demand Issue: Graduate Student's Perspective
Pages 249–257
Madson, Michael B.; Hasan, Nadia T.; Williams-Nickelson, Carol; Kettmann, Julie Jenks; Van Sickle, Kristi Sands

Counseling Psychology Perspectives on the Predoctoral Internship Supply–Demand Imbalance: Strategies for Problem Definition and Resolution
Pages 258–266
Miville, Marie L.; Adams, Eve M.; Juntunen, Cindy L.

A Scientist-Practitioner Perspective of the Internship Match Imbalance: The Stairway to Competence
Pages 267–275
Collins Jr., Frank L.; Callahan, Jennifer L.; Klonoff, Elizabeth A.

A Critical Analysis of Systemic Problems With Psychology Pre-Doctoral Internship Training: Contributing Factors and Collaborative Solutions
Pages 276–286
Hutchings, Philinda Smith; Mangione, Lorraine; Dobbins, James E.; Wechsler, Frederick S.

The Internship Supply–Demand Imbalance: The APPIC Perspective
Pages 287–293
Baker, Jeff; McCutcheon, Stephen; Keilin, W. Gregory

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Member/Affiliate Price: $24.95

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