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Asian American Health Disparities

Vol. 5, No. 1, March 2014
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About the special issue

This special issue focuses attention on physical and mental health disparities within the Asian American community and the work done by researchers and affiliates of the Asian American Center for Disparities Research to understand and alleviate these disparities.

The collection of articles in this special issue covers a range of topics related to health disparities, such as psychotropic medication adherence, quality of life, occupational health, and inpatient psychiatric care, and to sociocultural factors that may influence disparities, such as cultural competency, face concerns, and the model minority myth.

A variety of methods and samples are used or suggested to answer questions related to Asian American health disparities, such as examining medical records, surveying service providers, using analogue and community samples, and involving community in research as equal partners.

Articles in this issue

Introduction to the Special Issue on Disparities
Pages 1–3
Saw, Anne; Song, Anna V.

Addressing Asian American Mental Health Disparities: Putting Community-Based Research Principles to Work
Pages 4–12
Okazaki, Sumie; Kassem, Ahmed M.; Tu, Ming-Che

Quality of Life Among Asian American Youth
Pages 13–21
Fradkin, Chris; Wallander, Jan L.; Yamakawa, Yoshimi; Schwebel, David C.; Chien, Alyna; Le, Yen-Chi L.; Li, Dennis H.; Elliott, Marc; Schuster, Mark

Interventions to Improve Adherence to Psychotropic Medication in Clients of Asian Descent: A Systematic Review
Pages 22–34
Fancher, Tonya L.; Lee, David; Cheng, Janice Ka Yan; Yang, Mai See; Yang, Lawrence

Patterns of Utilization and Outcomes of Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment in Asian Americans
Pages 35–43
Kim, Jin E.; Saw, Anne; Zane, Nolan W.; Murphy, Beth L.

Occupational Health Disparities Among Asian Americans: A Critical Review With Recommendations
Pages 44–52
Leong, Frederick T. L.; Mak, Stanton

Therapist Ethnicity and Treatment Orientation Differences in Multicultural Counseling Competencies
Pages 53–65
Berger, Lauren K.; Zane, Nolan; Hwang, Wei-Chin

Effects of Ethnic Match, Gender Match, Acculturation, Cultural Identity, and Face Concern on Self-Disclosure in Counseling for Asian Americans
Pages 66–74
Zane, Nolan; Ku, Helen

Asian American Cancer Disparities: The Potential Effects of Model Minority Health Stereotypes
Pages 75–81
Ibaraki, Alicia Yee; Hall, Gordon C. Nagayama; Sabin, Janice A.

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