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Culture and Prevention

Vol. 5, No. 2, June 2014
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About the special issue

This special issue highlights basic and applied research in prevention science, specifically addressing the cultural needs and preferences of Asian Americans as they relate to physical and mental health. The collection of articles in the special issue covers a range of topics and methodological approaches to the study of culture and prevention.

Articles are organized according to the Prevention Science Intervention Research Cycle, including basic survey research to identify risk and protective factors, experimental studies that manipulate modifiable risk and protective factors, descriptions of preventive interventions that target risk and protective factors, and evaluations of the feasibility and implementation of prevention programs.

Articles in this issue

Introduction to the Special Issue on Culture and Prevention
Pages 83–85
Lee, Richard M.; Lau, Anna S.

Language Brokering and Adjustment Among Chinese and Korean American Adolescents: A Moderated Mediation Model of Perceived Maternal Sacrifice, Respect for the Mother, and Mother–Child Open Communication
Pages 86–95
Shen, Yishan; Kim, Su Yeong; Wang, Yijie; Chao, Ruth K.

Self-Construal as a Predictor of Korean American Women's Intention to Vaccinate Daughters Against Human Papillomavirus
Pages 96–105
Zhao, Nan; Huh, Jimi; Murphy, Sheila T.; Chatterjee, Joyee S.; Baezconde-Garbanati, Lourdes

Utilizing a Train-the-Trainer Model for Sexual Violence Prevention: Findings From a Pilot Study With High School Students of Asian and Pacific Islander Descent in Hawai'i
Pages 106–115
Baker, Charlene K.; Naai, Rachel; Mitchell, Jennifer; Trecker, Christine

Mediation Effects of a Culturally Generic Substance Use Prevention Program for Asian American Adolescents
Pages 116–125
Fang, Lin; Schinke, Steven P.

Evaluating the Cultural Fit of the New Beginnings Parent Program for Divorced Asian American Mothers: A Pilot Study
Pages 126–133
Zhou, Qing; Chen, Stephen H.; Cookston, Jeffrey T.; Wolchik, Sharlene

School-Based Mental Health Prevention for Asian American Adolescents: Risk Behaviors, Protective Factors, and Service Use
Pages 134–144
Anyon, Yolanda; Ong, Seow Ling; Whitaker, Kelly

Applying Public Health Frameworks to Advance the Promotion of Mental Health Among Asian American Children
Pages 145–152
Huang, Keng-Yen; Calzada, Esther; Kamboukos, Dimitra; Rhule, Dana; Sharma, Kirsten Cullen; Cheng, Sabrina; Brotman, Laurie Miller

A Federal Perspective on Prevention and Behavioral Health Disparities in the Asian American and Pacific Islander Population
Pages 153–159
Bui, Juliet; Dutta, Trina

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