Canadian Psychology

Literacy Development in Canada/Developpement de la litteracie au Canada

Vol. 49, No. 2, May 2008
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About the special issue

This special issue provides a sample of current research programmes carried out on literacy development by Canadian researchers in psychology and education. The topics addressed include

  • emergent literacy
  • the longitudinal prediction of reading development
  • the development of oral reading and reading comprehension
  • literacy development amongst French immersion students
  • the importance of culturally and developmentally appropriate practices in literacy instruction
  • the prevention of reading difficulties

The concluding article provides an overview of the current definitions of learning/reading disabilities in Canadian provinces and territories.

Articles in this issue

Literacy Development in Canada
Pages 79–81
Desrochers, Alain; Major, Sonya

Unlocking the Door: Is Parents' Reading to Children the Key to Early Literacy Development?
Pages 82–88
Phillips, Linda M.; Norris, Stephen P.; Anderson, Jim

Home Grown for Reading: Parental Contributions to Young Children's Emergent Literacy and Word Recognition
Pages 89–95
Evans, Mary Ann; Shaw, Deborah

Challenges in Researching Family Literacy Programs
Pages 96–102
Timmons, Vianne

Longitudinal Predictors of Word Reading Development
Pages 103–110
Kirby, John R.; Desrochers, Alain; Roth, Leah; Lai, Sandy S. V.

Le Développement de la Lecture Orale Chez L'enfant / Development of Oral Reading in the Child
Pages 111–117
Desrochers, Alain; Kirby, John; Thompson, Glenn

A Statistical Learning Perspective on Children's Learning About Graphotactic and Morphological Regularities in Spelling
Pages 118–124
Deacon, S. Hélène; Conrad, Nicole; Pacton, Sébastien

Reading Comprehension: Developmental Processes, Individual Differences, and Interventions
Pages 125–132
Johnston, Amber M.; Barnes, Marcia A.; Desrochers, Alain

Developing Fluent Text Processing With Practice: Memorial Influences on Fluency and Comprehension
Pages 133–139
Collins, W. Matthew; Levy, Betty Ann

Literacy Development in Early French Immersion Programs
Pages 140–147
Genesee, Fred; Jared, Debra

Storytelling as a Foundation to Literacy Development for Aboriginal Children: Culturally and Developmentally Appropriate Practices
Pages 148–154
McKeough, Anne; Bird, Stan; Tourigny, Erin; Romaine, Angela; Graham, Susan; Ottmann, Jackie; Jeary, Joan

Prévenir les Difficultés D'apprentissage en Lecture: Le Défi de la Présentation du Contenu et de L'organisation Des Services / Prevention of Reading Disabilities: The Challenges of Delivery of Instruction and the Organization of Educational Services
Pages 155–161
Dion, Éric; Brodeur, Monique; Campeau, Marie-Ève; Roux, Catherine; Laplante, Line; Fuchs, Douglas

Definitions of Learning Disabilities in Canadian Provinces and Territories
Pages 162–171
Kozey, Michelle; Siegel, Linda S.

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Member/Affiliate Price: $24.95

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