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Social Psychology and Self-Determination Theory: A Canadian Contribution: Psychologie sociale et Théorie de l'autodétermination: Une contribution canadienne

Vol. 49, No. 3, August 2008
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About the special issue

The collection of articles in this special issue were part of a presidential symposium organised by the first author and presented at the Canadian Psychological Association Convention on June 8, 2007, in Ottawa.

The articles review research in a variety of contexts on various important themes, such as work, education, relationships, parenting, health, environmental issues, and psychotherapy. A concluding article provides some reflection on these articles and proposes directions for future research.

Articles in this issue

Special Issue on Self-Determination Theory: A Canadian Contribution
Page 181
Vallerand, Robert J.; Pelletier, Luc G.; Koestner, Richard

Self-Determination Theory: A Macrotheory of Human Motivation, Development, and Health
Pages 182–185
Deci, Edward L.; Ryan, Richard M.

A Self-Determination Theory Approach to Psychotherapy: The Motivational Basis for Effective Change
Pages 186–193
Ryan, Richard M.; Deci, Edward L.

A Self-Determination Theory Perspective on Parenting
Pages 194–200
Joussemet, Mireille; Landry, Renée; Koestner, Richard

Self-Determination Theory as a Fundamental Theory of Close Relationships
Pages 201–209
La Guardia, Jennifer G.; Patrick, Heather

Persuasive Communication and Proenvironmental Behaviours: How Message Tailoring and Message Framing Can Improve the integration of Behaviours Through Self-Determined Motivation
Pages 210–217
Pelletier, Luc G.; Sharp, Elizabeth

Conscious and Nonconscious Processes: Implications for Self-Determination Theory
Pages 218–224
Levesque, Chantal; Copeland, Kelly J.; Sutcliffe, Rachel A.

The Study of Compensation Systems Through the Lens of Self-Determination Theory: Reconciling 35 Years of Debate
Pages 225–232
Gagné, Marylène; Forest, Jacques

Optimal Learning in Optimal Contexts: The Role of Self-Determination in Education
Pages 233–240
Guay, Frédéric; Ratelle, Catherine F.; Chanal, Julien

Goal Motives, Well-Being, and Physical Health: An Integrative Model
Pages 241–249
Miquelon, Paule; Vallerand, Robert J.

Understanding Motivation for Exercise: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective
Pages 250–256
Wilson, Philip M.; Mack, Diane E.; Grattan, Kimberly P.

Reflections on Self-Determination Theory
Pages 257–262
Vallerand, Robert J.; Pelletier, Luc G.; Koestner, Richard

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Member/Affiliate Price: $24.95

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